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Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Ticketing System to Automate Help Desk


Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Help Desk Ticketing System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can automate help desk workflows, which brings higher productivity of help desk agents, fewer errors, and higher quality of data.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Help Desk Ticketing System

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Core Concepts

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can act as a help desk ticketing system to serve a company’s employees or customers needing support.

Forrester recognizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 as Strong Performer that enables end-to-end customer service. Among Dynamics 365 Customer Service users are Adobe Inc., Visa Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, and others.

Best for personalized support via any communication channel.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features for Help Desk

Ticket management

Automatic ticket creation

Automatically converting incidents and requests submitted via email, web, phone call, etc. into tickets.

Key information on a ticket

Including ticket subject and ID, incident description, origin.

Automatic ticket routing

Automatically assigning tickets to help desk agents or to queues according to predefined rules.

Ticket reassigning and escalation

E.g., when different or deeper competencies are needed to handle a case.

Ticket resolution path

A guided process with stages and steps used to resolve a case.

Reopening a ticket

Capability to reopen a case, e.g., if an agent made a mistake or if an issue reappeared.


Capturing activities on a case resolution process for agents (emails received, follow-up tasks for agents, case-related notes, etc.)

Knowledge management and self-service

Knowledge articles editor

Creating content for agents, employees or customers.

Article publishing

Approving, scheduling and publishing articles in the knowledge base.

Article translation

Making translations of knowledge articles and publishing them in all supported languages at the same time.

Article expiration

To make sure the content in knowledge base stays relevant.

Self-service portal

For employees or customers to search knowledge articles and documents or create support tickets via a portal.

Virtual Agent

A chatbot with natural language processing capabilities to resolve common issues without a human agent’s intervention.

Analytics and reporting

Customer Service Insights

To find opportunities for improving resolution rates, wait times, and decreasing customer service costs.

Dashboards for agent- and process-related KPIs

Including CSAT against priority, volume against channel, open cases against queues; average resolve time CSAT and survey sentiment by agent, etc.

Customer Voice

Gathering and analysis of customers’ or employees’ feedback to create contextual insights in order to improve agents’ work.

Sentiment analysis

Natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand employees’ or customers’ sentiments.

Knowledge article statistics

Tracking how many times an article is used, viewed, and sent to customers or employees to find demanded topics for future articles.

Support terms management


Defining type and level of support an employee or a customer is entitled to.

Agreements (SLAs)

Defining case resolution terms for, e.g., first response time, time to resolve a case, etc.

Offer Improved Convenience to Your Customer Service Agents

Automated case creation from any customer communication channel

Configurable queues to automate case routing

Knowledge articles for fast resolution of common customer challenges

SLAs to set up and track customer service KPIs

Contextual recommendations to assist agents in case resolution

Insights about customer service performance and corrective measures recommended

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Demo

Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Demo

See how to build an effective help desk ticketing system on top of Dynamics 365 Customer Service and learn to employ its vast capabilities for daily operations.   

Important Integrations

Integrations allow help desk agents to receive a better view of employees and customers needing support, collaborate with colleagues smoothly, and streamline support workflows for faster ticket resolution.

Important integrations for Dynamics 365 Customer Service as a Help Desk

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Email (e.g., Outlook) – to easily communicate with employees and customers on their issues.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + IT Asset Management Tool – to track hardware and software assets involved in a request or incident.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + HRM – to get access to employees’ profiles, their place in the organizational structure, competencies, compensation, etc.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Sales CRM (e.g., Dynamics 365 Sales) – to get access to complete customer information, including purchasing details, to solve their cases faster.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Field Service CRM (e.g., Dynamics 365 Field Service) – for streamlined collaboration of field workers and help desk agents when ticket resolution requires on-site visits.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service + Business Intelligence (e.g., Power BI) – to get insights based on historical operational metrics and key performance indicators, and also share dashboards with colleagues.

ScienceSoft - Gold Microsoft Partner

Since 2008, ScienceSoft has been providing consulting, implementation and support services to help organizations get the most value from Help Desk based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and its predecessors with minimal costs.

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Use Cases for Help Desk

IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk

  • Automated pre-defined responses for common issues to solve tickets faster.
  • Integration with an IT asset management tool to keep track of IT assets involved in issue resolution.
  • Self-service employee portal.
  • Pre-built and custom reports to track IT help desk metrics.

HR Help Desk

HR Help Desk

  • Knowledge base for HR policies and procedures.
  • HR-focused self-service portal for employees.
  • Automated workflows to approve requests (vacation, sick leave, etc.) and route tickets.
  • Pre-built feedback forms to track employee satisfaction rates.

Facility Help Desk

Facility Help Desk

  • Automated ticket categorization by facility type.
  • Complete facility asset information (tangible and intangible assets, asset status, etc.).
  • Rule-based assignment of support tickets according to the agent specialization.
  • Streamlined collaboration with field operations due to field service integration.

SaaS Help Desk

SaaS Help Desk

  • Variety of channels for customer communication.
  • Automated queues for ticket distribution based on customer types.
  • AI-powered customer assistant.
  • AI-driven analysis of the help desk team's performance.

Customer Service Desk

Customer Service Desk

  • Omni-channel customer service.
  • Ticket management.
  • In-person support.
  • Virtual agents.
  • Self-service application for customers.
  • Knowledge base for quicker issue resolution.
  • AI recommendations for service agents.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Benefits

  • ROI: 234%
  • Payback: ~5 months
  • Cost – benefit ratio is 1:3.5

The value comes from the help desk workflow automation (up to 95% manual efforts can be automated), which brings:

  • Higher productivity of help desk agents.
  • Fewer errors in and higher quality of data.
  • Increased number of tickets that agents can successfully resolve every day.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise

Digital Messaging Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Fast and accurate case resolution with core functionality:

  • Ticket management
  • Knowledge management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • SLAs and entitlements
  • Templates

$50 user/month

Professional edition functionality + advanced customer service capabilities:

  • Further customization
  • Unified service desk
  • Embedded Intelligence
  • Gamification
  • Portal capabilities

$95 user/month

Add-on for the Enterprise plan for omni-channel engagement across digital messaging channels (chat, SMS, and bot integration).

$75 user/month

AI-based add-on includes:

  • 2,000 Power Virtual Agents Sessions
  • 100,000 cases of AI-driven insights for identifying and automating emerging customer support issues

$1,100 tenant/month

Adopt Dynamics 365 Customer Service for Help Desk

ScienceSoft’s team will help you choose the edition and the most suitable additional products to ensure the maximum ROI of Dynamics 365 Customer Service for a help desk ticketing system.