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In this Dynamics 365 Customer Service demo, we show how to automate key steps the customer service process to get cases resolved successfully.

How Dynamics 365 Helps Solve Customer Service Challenges

Below, you can see the checklist of typical customer service problems and the ways Dynamics 365 Customer Service cures them.

Challenge: Service agents waste time on manual work and resolution of small recurrent issues.

Solution: Dynamics 365 Customer Service automates and optimizes agents’ work by:

  • Automatically converting customer emails into cases.
  • Automatically assigning cases to service agents.
  • Offering different types of email templates.
  • Automatically recommending relevant knowledge articles to agents.
  • Providing self-service portals and chatbots to free up service agents for more complex issues.

Challenge: Scattered customer-related data.

Solution: Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps visualize all necessary information about cases and customers in customized interactive dashboards, which show:

  • Active cases
  • Resolved cases
  • Customer’s personal data
  • History of customer interactions, etc.

Challenge: Disjointed case resolution process.

Solution: Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows systematizing and scheduling the case resolution process with:

  • Automated configurable step-by-step guidance for service agents on how to resolve a case fast and efficiently.
  • A configurable timer with the deadlines set up for the first response and case resolution.
  • Reminders and alerts for planned activities, for example, phone calls or emails.

Challenge: No synchronization of the information received from different channels.

Solution: Omnichannel for Customer Service allows for consistent communication with customers across multiple channels (phone, SMS, email, web, chats, social networks):

  • Syncs information received from multiple channels.
  • Provides notifications for service agents for each conversation request from a customer.
  • Shows customer and case context during the communication session.

Challenge: Lack of insight into the customer service process and customers’ feedback.

Solution: Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables a customer service team to:

  • Get AI-based reports with all key performance indicators.
  • See the customer’s real-time sentiment during communication.
  • Create and send surveys on customer service work.
  • Analyze surveys to get the customer satisfaction score (CSAT).


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