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Microsoft Azure – Handy Cloud to Operate and Develop In

Microsoft Azure - ScienceSoft

All-Business Cloud Platform

Microsoft is the second largest cloud provider on the market. Microsoft Azure cloud offers rich PaaS functionality and integrable SaaS products beneficial for:

SaaS Startups

Achieving faster time to market due to Azure’s compoundable services.

Small and mid-sized businesses

Getting automated migration and infrastructure construction with Azure’s PaaS services.

Businesses using Microsoft products in-house

Which then benefit from lift-and-shift migrations of their IT infrastructures to Azure.

Featured Services of Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing

Azure Functions

Serverless event- and request- triggered computing at scale with declarative access to Azure’s and third-party services.

Azure CycleCloud

Dynamically scaled computing, networking and caching environment for high-performance data processing.

Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Centralized management of autoscaled and dynamically balanced virtual machines for large workloads and big data.

Azure VMware Solution

VMware-compatible service for migration and management of your sets of VMs at scale.


Container Instances

Running scalable isolated containers (ACIs) in Azure’s serverless environment.

Azure Kubernetes Service

A native Kubernetes orchestration tool integrable with multiple Azure development services.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Running OpenShift container clusters in Azure environment managed by Microsoft and Red Hat.

Azure Service Fabric

Cross-platform service to arrange and manage containers with on-demand scalability.


Azure SQL Database

Building scalable relational databases.

Azure Cosmos DB

Fast clustered NoSQL database with multi-model sub-DBs deployed in each cluster for horizontal scalability.

Azure Cache for Redis

Management of distributed Redis server instances yielding low latencies through caching.

Azure Database for MySQL/ PostgreSQL/MariaDB

Virtualization services to implement scalable databases.

Azure Database Migration Service

DB migration wizard for automated migration of workloads.

Data storage

Blob storage

Scalable data management service enabling high-throughput processing of unstructured data for big data applications.

Azure Data Lake Storage

Secure data lake management platform built around Blob storage and integrated with analytics frameworks.

Azure Disk Storage

Storage for Azure VMs with a range of options for SSDs and HDDs.

Azure Files

File share management service supporting the SMB protocol compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS.

Azure HPC Cache

Cashing of on-premises and cloud data for high performance computing tasks.

Azure Backup

Snapshot backup/recovery tool supporting encryption and prolonged data retention time.

Networking and security

Virtual Network

Environment ensuring secure and seamless communication among your on-premises and Azure-hosted resources.

Load Balancer

Optimal distribution of inbound traffic loads according to the defined rules and backend instance performance.

Azure DNS

Highly available domain hosting ensuring fast DNS queries.

Azure ExpressRoute

Broadband connection to Azure cloud services bypassing the public internet.

Content Delivery Network

Global network of edge servers to cache and distribute content at the lowest latencies.

Azure Active Directory

Identity and access management tool for Microsoft products and apps run in Azure.

Azure Firewall

Managing security policy and traffic filtering across your entire virtual network.

Azure DDoS Protection

DDoS monitoring and mitigation tool that learns traffic patterns to tune security policies.

Web Application Firewall

Firewall service with centralized protection of web apps against such exploits as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc.

Implementation of web and mobile applications

App Service

Full-cycle development of web apps and mobile back ends with built-in SDKs, containerization and orchestration features.

Visual Studio App Centre

Self-sustained development environment for mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop (macOS, Windows) apps.

Azure Maps

Geospatial services and SDKs for geographic context in apps.


MS Azure integrations

API Management

Centralized administering of all APIs within hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Service Bus

Message broker supporting multiple protocols for async communication among apps and services.

Event Grid

HTTP-event routing tool for serverless apps and microservices.

Azure API for FHIR

Health data management service allowing FHIR-compliant management of protected health data.

DevOps tools

Azure Pipelines

CI/CD management tool for automated building, testing and deployment of code to containers, virtual machines and Azure Services.

Azure DevTest Labs

Development and testing environments self-managed by developers within defined quotas and policies.

Azure Repos

Unlimited Git repositories with internal CI/CD kit and push-pull policy management.

Azure Boards

Project management environment for planning and tracking development workflows integrable with various third-party extensions.

Azure Test Plans

QA solution helping create and trace testing scenarios as well as gather and handle user feedback.

Azure Artifacts

Package management tool enabling multi-type and multi-source package feed in your CI/CD pipelines.

Data processing and analytics

Processing of live and aggregated data at high speeds, including big data.

Power BI Embedded

Scalable analytics solution embedded in Azure-hosted apps at a fixed price.


Running open-source analytics solutions like Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka in Azure.

Data Lake Analytics

On-demand big data analysis with tools to optimize reserved computing nodes.

Azure Stream Analytics

Real-time data analytics for fast-moving streams of cloud and edge data.

Azure Databricks

Scalable Apache Spark-driven analytics for data at rest and in transit.

Data Factory

No-code building hybrid ETL/ELT pipelines.

AI and machine learning

Azure Machine Learning

Drag-and-drop construction, deployment and management of ML models.

Text Analytics

Statistical extraction of insights and sentiments from unstructured texts.

Azure Cognitive Services

AI APIs, templates and domain-specific scenarios for AI deployable on-premises and in the cloud.

Azure Bot Service

No-code creation of AI bots and virtual assistants plugged into diverse communication channels.

Bing AI Services

AI-driven search capabilities with the Bing search engine.

Language Understanding

ML-driven understanding of a human speech for a machine-human communication.

Computer Vision

Visual data processing engine.

Custom Vision

Template-driven computer vision models adjusted for specific domains and scenarios.

Internet of Things

Azure IoT Central

Powerful IoT platform enabling monitoring and management of an IoT ecosystem.

Azure IoT solution accelerators

IoT assistant service helping build IoT network based on ready-made domain-specific scenarios.

Azure IoT Hub

Establishing secure communication between IoT devices and apps.

Azure Digital Twins

Context-oriented prototyping of scalable IoT spaces and processes for PoC purposes.

Azure Time Series Insights

Real-time processing and visualization of IoT data.

Azure Sphere

Hardware and software IoT solution for secure communication of devices.


Azure Blockchain Service

Codeless creation of blockchain infrastructures at scale.

Azure Blockchain Workbench

Blockchain app prototyping.

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Common Use Cases for Microsoft Azure

Enterprise cloud

Enterprise cloud

  • Semi-automated migration and hosting of legacy apps.
  • Platform for cloud-native applications.
  • Data warehouse and data lake.
  • Building advanced solutions with off-the-shelf services: AI, big data, IoT, blockchain, computer vision, etc.
  • Native integration with Microsoft products: Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power BI.
  • Perimeter and intra-component firewalls, monitoring and security automation tools.

Enterprise multi-cloud

Enterprise multi-cloud

  • Virtual networking bridging services (VPN, Virtual WAN, Private Link).
  • Single-point infrastructure management via Azure Arc.
  • Native SIEM and SOAR solutions (Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel).
  • Identity and access management via Azure Active Directory for federated authentication.

Hybrid enterprise cloud

Hybrid enterprise cloud

  • Synchronization of on-premises Azure environments, services and clients with the Azure cloud.
  • Single-spot management of extensively evolving IT infrastructures with Azure Resource Manager.
  • Global content delivery and edge cloud computing.
  • Unified security management for cloud and on-premises IT components.

SaaS, XaaS apps

SaaS, XaaS applications

  • Numerous cloud services for app enrichment: AI, analytics, computer vision, IoT and blockchain.
  • Globally spread content delivery network.
  • Low latency on-demand computing for better end user experience.
  • Scalable serverless data storage.
  • CI/CD and IaC services for web and mobile development.
  • Native containerization services and orchestration tools.


DWH and data analytics

  • DWH and analytics management in a single point – Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Implementation of serverless and virtualized DBs.
  • Big data.
  • Building ML models with no technical expertise required.
  • Automated database migration.

Big data

Big data

  • Aggregation and storage of unstructured and structured data in Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage.
  • Cosmos DB – scalable and globally available DB structures.
  • Real-time big data processing with Azure Stream Analytics and Spark-driven Azure Databricks.
  • Open-source data analytics engines plugged via HDInsight: (Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka).

Computer vision

Computer vision and mixed reality

  • Object recognition and data extraction services.
  • Gear-driven SDKs for spatial computing.
  • APIs for computer vision with a rich portfolio of use scenarios.



  • IoT devices controlled and connected to Azure services through Azure IoT Hub.
  • Intelligent analytics for live and logged IoT data in Azure Time Series Insights.
  • Hardware and software IoT security.

HIPAA-compliant cloud

HIPAA-compliant cloud

  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest.
  • Native SIEM, perimeter and component-level security and access management services.
  • FHIR-compliant APIs for secure data exchange.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Azure migration pays back with:

Reduced data center footprint and infrastructure costs.

Improved scalability and performance of business-critical workloads.

Freeing IT staff from infrastructure management for higher-priority tasks.

Fast time-to-market with efficient development environments and pluggable native services.

Increased volumes and profits from online B2C sales.

Reduced efforts for disaster recovery.

  • 90%

    reduced infrastructure costs

  • Up to 167%

    increase in online B2C sales

  • Up to 61%

    annual revenue growth from SaaS

  • - 63%

    reduced development time

  • ~3 months

    payback time

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