SharePoint Document Management Demo

SharePoint document management system (DMS) offers a wide range of capabilities to streamline document processing at your enterprise. Our demo illustrates it by the example of automated contract life cycle management from creating to e-signing, distribution and execution. The process is shown from the perspective of a sales team.

SharePoint DMS includes features for organized and secure document storage, quick and easy access to documents and collaboration on them allowing you to:

Keep your diverse documents in order

SharePoint DMS allows structured storing of your company’s documents by grouping them into thematic folders. What’s more, it supports document sets that unite files of different types bound to a customer or a project via metadata.

SharePoint DMS supports documents of various types, including rare file extensions (.odt, .ods, .xslb, .ppsx, etc.) and 3D models. The solution can also be integrated with optical character recognition (OCR) software to convert document types like TIFF, JPG or CAD into uniformly readable and searchable files (PDF).

Create documents in a few clicks

Since SharePoint DMS integrates with office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Visio), you can create new documents right in SharePoint. To accelerate document creation, you can use custom templates. For example, if integrated with CRM, SharePoint DMS enables automatic insertion of CRM data (a customer’s name, a contract’s duration and terms) into a contract template. What’s more, SharePoint DMS offers to create clauses libraries and adding custom clauses from them to a contract template via questionnaires.

Discover any document with ease

SharePoint DMS offers several options for quick and effective document search, for example, full-text search. Before you save a new document, you need to fill in metadata (title, meta title, approval status, customer, project, etc.) that also becomes the search basis. All this helps to retrieve the document easily when needed.

Collaborate on documents in real time

With SharePoint DMS, employees can view, edit and share documents from any location and device (PC, tablet, mobile phone). To enable communication between reviewers of a document, a custom chat can be added to SharePoint DMS. The system can also reflect all changes made to a document and mark them in different colors in real time depending on the initiator of the changes to facilitate collaboration.

Accelerate document-related processes

With SharePoint DMS, you can set up various workflows, for example, for collecting approvals of a document across different departments like Procurement, Legal and Finance. You can also integrate SharePoint DMS with e-signature software, which ensures faster finalization, distribution, implementation and archiving of a document. What’s more, SharePoint provides automated notifications about a document’s milestones and deadlines, for example, a contract’s payment and product dispatch deadlines or expiration date.

Keep your documents consistent, safe and compliant

The versioning capability of SharePoint allows tracking and restoring previous versions of documents, which helps you to avoid document duplication, corruption or loss in DMS. To ensure information security, SharePoint DMS offers access control, two-factor authentication, audit trail, and backups. The system can also warn you automatically if you are about to share sensitive data. Besides security protection, SharePoint DMS supports retention and deletion policies for documents to adhere to various federal and state compliance regulations (HIPAA, FDA, SOX, GLBA). For example, as required by HIPAA, a document can be automatically deleted after 6 years of storage.

Leverage SharePoint DMS

If our demo triggered your interest in SharePoint as DMS, you are welcome to contact ScienceSoft and learn more about our offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your document management faster, more convenient, and secure. With SharePoint DMS, your documents will be properly stored, managed, and protected against unauthorized access.