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SharePoint Support and Maintenance

SharePoint support and maintenance - ScienceSoft

SharePoint support and maintenance services help ensure the sound performance of SharePoint solutions and empower users to perform their business tasks successfully.

We apply our 16 years of expertise in SharePoint consulting and development to provide all-inclusive SharePoint support and maintenance services to keep your SharePoint solution at the top of its performance and support a robust, secure and error-free collaboration environment.

Want to Solve Performance or Usability Pains of Your SharePoint Solution?

Our team of consultants, developers and administrators will assist you in solving a variety of SharePoint-related challenges from basic technical inconsistencies to sophisticated adoption issues.

Our Competencies


  • 16 years of experience in SharePoint consulting and development.
  • Microsoft Partner since 2008.
  • 100+ successful projects on SharePoint and Office 365.
  • 130+ testimonials from our valued clients who belong to different industry verticals and geographies.

  • 20+ certified SharePoint experts.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.
  • Featured in the list of Top SharePoint Developers in 2023 by Clutch.

Support Services We Offer

We offer all-inclusive support of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid SharePoint solutions.

On-demand technical SharePoint support

When your SharePoint solution goes through functional issues, ScienceSoft finds their root causes and restores the platform’s sleek performance. Depending on how severe an issue is, we address the most crucial cases within 8-16 business hours to keep business processes uninterrupted and let users continue their activities at a usual pace.

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Among others, our support activities include:

  • Verifying and debugging faulty code.
  • Solving architecture and hardware issues (incorrectly designed farms, misdistributed server roles, misconfigured or overloaded servers).
  • Tuning features and applications (inappropriately set workflows, incompatible add-ins, search issues).
  • Addressing user authentication issues and configuring user permissions.
  • Fixing content management issues (content crawling and indexing, content creation and sharing issues, and more).
  • Resolving performance issues, such as a long page load time, inability to access SharePoint sites, integration issues.


Continuous SharePoint maintenance

We aim at making SharePoint solutions more powerful through:

  • Timely updating the system by installing service and feature packs to guarantee its faultless performance and extend development capabilities.
  • Conducting security audits and installing security patches to protect your working processes. Our SharePoint Health Check Service will help monitor your SharePoint environment, detect performance and security gaps and timely fix them.
  • Integration of SharePoint solutions with other enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, HRM, LMS, etc.).

User training assistance

ScienceSoft offers dedicated training sessions for:

  • SharePoint administrators
  • End-users

During our training sessions, we not only explain the platform’s basics but also provide tips on facilitating a SharePoint solution’s adoption, creating a collaboration-focused organizational culture and leveraging SharePoint non-standard capabilities, such as knowledge or innovation management.

Azure services management support

We administer your Azure cloud services to let your company focus on core business activities. In particular, we provide:

  • License selling with a price advantage.
  • Consolidated billing (one bill for Azure licensing and ScienceSoft’s services).
  • Account administration (configuration of account settings, alarms and notifications, handling subscription-related requests).
  • License management (obtaining new licenses, subscription plan alteration, billing).

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Benefits You Get

Providing SharePoint support and maintenance services, we want our customers to focus on achieving their business goals instead of worrying about their SharePoint solutions. To enable that, ScienceSoft guarantees:

24/7 availability of services.

Timely fixing of SharePoint issues.

A team of Microsoft Certified SharePoint experts, including SharePoint administrators, developers, architects, consultants, Windows and MS SQL Server administrators to help you address even the trickiest issues.

A flexible pricing policy aligned with your budgeting strategy.

Security and confidentiality of SharePoint support and maintenance projects.

Face SharePoint Issues on a Regular Basis? Let’s Handle Them!

Don’t wait until minor issue grow into major headaches. Let us attend to your SharePoint solution to keep it healthy and effective.

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