EmailScoop - email tracking service for MS Dynamics CRM


A customizable automatic service to track conveniently incoming and outgoing emails in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 via any email provider

Get more value from your CRM:

  • Pipeline transparency: all the communication connected with lead generation/nurturing and account management activities are visible at all company levels
  • Better collaboration: all CRM users who follow a project have the full picture of the ongoing communications
  • More time for important things: automation reduces the workload of sales and marketing specialists because they no longer have to register the incoming and outgoing emails manually
  • No data loss: the beauty of tracking emails is that even if the user deletes the tracked message in the mail client, there will still be a copy saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Increased information security: despite all of the above-mentioned, certain emails, especially at the CxO level, should not be tracked because they may contain highly confidential data and ScienceSoft’s tool enables confidentiality-sensitive settings

Functional description of EmailScoop (in comparison with MS CRM standard tracking tool for Outlook)

Features EmailScoop by ScienceSoft MS Dynamics CRM tracking tool for Outlook

Incoming emails

All inbound emails are tracked automatically.

In the following specific cases email tracking should work also:

  • No recipient receives, reads or opens an inbound e-mail (e.g. the email is sent to a user who is on vacation)
  • Inbound email is sent to a deactivated user (e.g. a user does not work in the company any more)
  • An inbound email is moved from Inbox to another folder by automatic rule

More rules can be added on demand.

Sometimes the tracking is inconsistent, e.g. when incoming emails are moved by rules to other folders

Outgoing emails

All outbound emails are tracked automatically.

In the following specific case email tracking also works:

  • An outbound email is sent via web client

More rules can be added on demand.

CRM users have to check the tracking box for each outbound email manually (potential risk in case a user forgets to apply this setting)

Smart matching

All incoming/outgoing emails tracked in CRM are linked to a company (if company or its contact is in “from”, ”to”, ”cc”)

Intelligent association of emails with opportunities is available, however disabled in certain scenarios

Email history

Uploading, matching and synchronizing of all the email history on the server from the pre-CRM period

Not available

Different providers

Equally tracks emails from Exchange Server as well as through any other IMAP/POP3 email provider

Only MS Outlook

Exceptions and privacy settings

Emails from certain users should not be tracked, e.g. CxO, in case there are no other CRM email-enabled users in “From”, “To” or “CC” (they can still be tracked manually via Outlook plug-in)

Not available

Creating new CRM contacts

The tool detects business emails according to certain rules and even if they are not from a CRM contact, a new company/contact is created automatically with all the necessary attributes according to specific rules

(for example, an email from an employee personal address which comes as a reply to an email sent to [email protected])

Not available

ScienceSoft services

With a moderate cost on top of the standard licensed package, the custom solution from ScienceSoft is considerably more manageable and is highly recommended as a complementary part for Microsoft Dynamics CRM installations.

In this regard ScienceSoft offers the following services:

  • To analyze business processes managed by the CRM system and create a customized EmailScoop service based on the requirements and specifications
  • To deploy the email tracker on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, synchronize and fine-tune the solution
  • To provide necessary maintenance and support to ensure excellent performance of the service
  • To prepare user guides and make CRM introduction trainings for end-users

So, what is the next step? Please contact us for consultation about customizable EmailScoop services for your CRM solution.

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