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An email tracking tool is an add-on to Dynamics CRM aimed at increasing the efficiency of email management. Custom-built for your business, it helps tracking outgoing and incoming emails sent via any email server.

How It Works

An email tracking tool works via direct access to email server, with email synchronization running at a defined time interval. See how you can easily track email interactions: after you’ve added the contact person's email into your CRM, the tool can automatically track both outgoing and incoming emails.

EmailScoop email tracking tool - how it works

Get More Value from Your CRM

Pipeline transparency

Pipeline transparency

Email communication regarding lead generation and nurturing, as well as account management activities are visible at all company levels.

Gap-free communication

Gap-free communication

CRM users have a full picture of how communication with customers flows.

More time for true sales and marketing.

More time for true sales and marketing

Automated email logging saves the time of sales and marketing teams for more important tasks.

No data loss

No data loss

Even if the user deletes the tracked message in a mail client, an email copy is still kept in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

Increased information security

Increased information security

If certain emails should not be tracked for they contain highly confidential data, users rely on confidentiality settings.

Custom email tracking tool vs. Standard Tracking Tool for Outlook

Email tracking tool by Microsoft

Custom email tracking tool by ScienceSoft

Incoming emails

Outgoing emails

Smart matching

Email history

Different providers

Exceptions and privacy settings

Creating new CRM contacts

Service scope

  • Buidling a custom email tracking tool based on your requirements and specifications, and our business analysis (in case customization is needed according to the specifics of email communication processes in your company).
  • Providing maintenance and support to ensure excellent performance.
  • Providing user guides and user training.

Planning to Manage Your Emails More Efficiently?

ScienceSoft can design an email tracking tool specifically for your business requirements. 

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