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Social Intranet to Drive Employee Engagement

SharePoint social intranets offer a rich feature set for promoting corporate culture and employee collaboration.

With 17 years in SharePoint development, we deliver robust social intranets to help orgs increase employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty.

SharePoint Social Intranet
SharePoint Social Intranet

Our SharePoint Competencies


  • Microsoft Partner since 2008.
  • Recognition for ScienceSoft's ample expertise in SharePoint intranets from Microsoft.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.
  • 150+ completed SharePoint projects since 2007.
  • Expertise in complex SharePoint customization and integration.

Our Success Stories

We cooperated with ScienceSoft on our company intranet project. Their work will help us achieve a higher level of communication with our diverse workforce. We have already seen an increase in event participation and use of the tools built into the site which allow the employees to have a greater part in self-managing their needs.

Denise Yarian, People and Culture Manager, Autosoft

Benefits that Our Social Intranets Provide

Non-financial employee recognition

We provide a social intranet that supports enterprise-wide employee recognition through announcing achievements and promotions, posting employee success stories, assigning status badges (e.g., Expert, Master).

Smooth change management

We bring intranets that guide employees through organizational changes like mergers and acquisitions. They help to create a social space for communication, discussion and collecting feedback on changes in business processes and corporate culture.

Centralized content governance

We offer intranets with a clear-cut content governance model. It allows keeping all corporate files in order and avoid content silos.

Effective communication

We create a SharePoint intranet that connects all the company’s employees all over the world. Thus, employees can easily find and reach their colleagues with certain skills, in case they need help with fulfilling their tasks. We arrange both formal (business-related) and informal (communities, social media) communication within an intranet.

Increased employee engagement

We build social intranets with convenient UX and intuitive UI. We also enrich social intranets with personalization features, for example, personalized news and content suggestions.

Employee satisfaction and retention

With a SharePoint social intranet, you can support employees by offering, corporate knowledge base, Q&A section and other features. We enhance your intranet with surveys and questionnaires, which allows for regular monitoring of employees’ work satisfaction. HR managers will be able to see contentment dynamics and make necessary improvements to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Corporate culture support

We create unique branding for a SharePoint intranet that helps to promote corporate culture (values, goals, achievements, etc.) across the company.

Social Features We Bring to Your Intranet

  • Communication tools and web parts (news, announcements, employee benefits, policies and procedures, chats, blogs, wikis, communities, discussion boards, social networks).
  • Gamification features (badges, leaderboards, mini-games, etc.).
  • Analytical and reporting tools (feedback, surveys and questionnaires, dashboards).
  • Learning management features (onboarding training, compliance training, microtraining apps, assessment tests and quizzes).
  • Employee help desk (processing employee requests related to vacation, health insurance, office supplies, equipment maintenance, etc.).

SharePoint Intranet Demo

See the most popular social features of SharePoint intranet in our live demo.

Content Management Capabilities We Provide

  • Content creation. The content authoring module of a SharePoint intranet simplifies generating various types of intranet content. This module enables end users to focus on content, not on the authoring process.
  • Content diversity. A social intranet supports multiple content categories: news and announcements, policies and procedures, Q&A, wikis, intranet usage, etc.
  • Content analytics. A SharePoint intranet enables collecting data on intranet use and popularity.
  • Content personalization. To improve content search and accessibility, a SharePoint intranet supports personalized quick links, content suggestions, recently viewed documents, personalized newsfeed and timeline.

Service Options We Offer

Developing a social-orientes intranet

Developing a social-oriented intranet from scratch as a collaboration hub or a full-fledged content management platform.

Migrating intranet

Migrating your intranet from third-party platforms to SharePoint and from SharePoint to newer versions of the platform or to the cloud.

Adding features

Adding new features to your intranet (LMS, wikis, etc.).

Redisigning intranet

Redesigning your intranet.

Social Intranet Options We Provide

Depending on the required degree of socialization, we provide the following options for an intranet with social tunes:

  • An intranet complemented with social web parts. We add several social web parts to your business-oriented intranet. For example, we can create a discussion board, which employees can access right on the home page of the intranet.
  • An intranet with an isolated social environment. We unite numerous social features under one tab (e.g., named Corporate Life) of a SharePoint intranet to have them on the same page: a blog, a discussion board, communities, classifieds, a media gallery, and other social features.
  • A full-fledged social intranet. We deliver an intranet dedicated exclusively to the social activities of your company.

How We Deliver Social Intranets

We provide a complete set of services to deliver a feature-rich social intranet that will stimulate employee communication and promote corporate culture:




Discovery and business analysis




UX and UI design






Quality assurance


Managed services, support and evolution

Objectives and Key Results We Help You to Achieve

We offer a sample set of OKRs to measure the value our social intranets bring to your business:

  • Intranet adoption: increased intranet use, the number of views of certain content, an average time on a SharePoint page, reduced email use.
  • Employee behavior: the number of communities (active and closed), the number of shares, likes and discussions, the number of employees engaged in corporate life.
  • Employee attitude and loyalty: the number of external shares to social media from an intranet, reduced employee turnover.
  • Content management: the amount of user generated content, trending topics, the time spent on creating content.

Our Approach to Social Intranet Implementation

  • We implement a social-oriented SharePoint intranet adapted to the specific communication needs of your company’s individual employees and teams.
  • We help you to reduce costs and maximize ROI of your social intranet as we make the most of out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality and use proprietary tools in intranet development.
  • We offer you a complete package of SharePoint services from consulting to support and evolution to bring you a full-fledged and ready-to-go social intranet.

Get Your Social Intranet

Connect your employees on- and off-work, increase their engagement and motivation and promote your corporate culture with the help of a SharePoint social intranet. Reach our SharePoint specialists for a free consultation on how to make the first step towards a social intranet at your company.