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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

One tool to orchestrate all marketing activities 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (former Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing) is a marketing solution that unifies your customer information, provides marketing automation features, and allows you to create personalized event-triggered marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - ScienceSoft
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - ScienceSoft

Results You Can Achieve with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Numerous companies across business domains (and maybe even your top competitors) already employ marketing automation extensively and witness truly great results:

  • +27%  

    in lead volume

  • +30% 

    in lead conversion

  • +25% 

    in marketing ROI

How Dynamics 365 Transforms Marketing Processes

Covering the app functionality is essential to give a general overview. Now, we will focus on translating core functionality into the business language to show exactly what business challenges Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solves and what benefits it provides.

Centralized marketing information

When your team members share one source of company marketing data, they are less dependent on each other for exchanging and updating information. Having all the details of marketing activities at hand, marketing teams work more coherently and effectively.

Personalized customer communication

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights delivers customer segmentation to tailor communication to customers’ needs and interests. Before launching a campaign, marketers think over its target audience, create a relevant segment and win customers’ trust by communicating with them at a new quality level.

Here is an idea!

A chain of beauty salons is planning to run a number of workshops presenting their new treatments. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, they may start out with filtering active customers for the last three months and further segment them based on gender and age. In this way, they make sure they have nailed it with offering a specific treatment to the right audience instead of disturbing the whole client base with irrelevant invitations.


Customer journey mapping

Customer Journeys in Dynamics 365 helps you achieve automation of daily processes that can be triggered without the direct participation of your marketing team particularly valuable. Imagine that your team members have a board game where they map out a customer journey from different elements (customer segments, actions, triggers) and decide how the journey unfolds depending on a customer’s reaction to a marketing action.

Like a game, indeed!

Customer journey mapping in Dynamics 365


On-brand marketing templates

You can optimize the process of launching future marketing campaigns and customize the templates of emails and landing pages in line with your corporate style from the very start. When creating marketing content is not a time-stealer anymore, your marketers feel inspired to diversify the campaigns and tailor communication to different customer situations.

Your customers might expect these very emails right now

  • A welcome email.
  • A newsletter.
  • Order and shipping confirmation.
  • Event registration.
  • A discount email.
  • An upsell email.
  • An abandoned shopping cart reminder.
  • A win-back email.
  • A feedback request.
  • A customer survey.
  • Holiday greeting.


Events as a new marketing channel

Don’t overlook an interesting way to showcase products or services – events. Some of the possible ideas are exhibitions, lectures, runway shows, and presentations. Both in online and offline formats!

Why arranging events in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is so convenient

The team members participating in the preparation keep all event-related information in one place. Thus, they are always abreast of updates made by their colleagues. Similarly, they don’t need to rely on memory or paper notes to take all details into account. The actual complete information is always full accessible in their Dynamics organizer.


A possibility to listen to your customers

Dynamics 365 has a solution for you to gain first-hand customer feedback – Customer Voice. There, you can create surveys that can be further integrated with events, emails, and customer journeys. A customer’s survey responses not only reveal possible flaws and serve as growth points for a business, but they also can be of great help while processing this customer’s service requests and cases.

Informed marketing decisions

Analytics is the key to understand how marketing activities resonate with the audience, what works best for them and what can be excluded from the marketing strategy. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights tracks KPIs for its every unit (email management, customer journeys, etc.) to provide you with insights into customer behavior and lead you to data-driven marketing solutions.

Success Story

ScienceSoft introduced omnichannel automated marketing to a luxury fashion retailer. We assisted in designing a company’s marketing strategy and customized Dynamics 365 Marketing (now Dynamics 365 Customer Insights) capabilities accordingly. This resulted in a better marketing ROI on the stages of customer acquisition and retention.

Features to Help You Plan and Execute Large-Scale Campaigns

Dynamic customer segmentation for tailored marketing content

Email marketing to support diverse marketing purposes

Dynamic content for email personalization

Event-triggered journeys for selected customer segments

Vast social media presence managed from a single platform

Dynamics 365 Marketing Demo

Marketing solution built on Dynamics 365 - Demo

We overview marketing automation tools provided by Dynamics and show how exactly it helps to plan and execute a large-scale promotional campaign time-effectively.  

Can't Decide if Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Is the Right Tool for Your Business?

The general overview is good, but you need a targeted consultation from Microsoft Dynamics experts to make an informed decision.


Since Dynamics 365 offers a set of business solutions (sales, marketing, customer service, etc.), the pricing plans differ depending on how many apps a company uses.

As a standalone app

As an add-on to your suite of Dynamics apps

100,000 Unified People* and 10,000 Interacted People**

From $1,700 tenant/month

* Unified People refers to a uniquely identified individual, represented by a profile.

** Interacted People refers to any Dataverse entity (such as a contact, lead, account or an Insights profile) that is interacted with.

100,000 Unified People and 10,000 Interacted People

From $1,000 tenant/month*

* The price applies if you use any of qualifying Dynamics 365 apps with more than 10 users

Additional Unified People packs


Tier 1: 100,000–500,000 Unified People

Tier 2: 500,000–2 million Unified People

Tier 3: More than 2 million Unified People

Additional Interacted People packs

Tier 1: 10,000–50,000 Interacted People

Tier 2: 50,000–250,000 Interacted People

Tier 3: More than 250,000 Interacted People

Make the Most of Dynamics 365 with ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft knows first-hand the quality of Microsoft products – we have been delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for 16 years and have earned the status of Microsoft Partner. Now, we are driven by knowledge and experience to realize your vision of a full-featured marketing solution.

We ensure the best ROI of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights implementation by assisting you throughout the experience.




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With the Right Tool, You Don’t Have to Put Up with Ineffective Marketing

Manual marketing activities eat up your productivity. We can show you how to make the most of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for your business.