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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM

Make customer management a breeze

We overview a portfolio of Dynamics 365 apps that altogether cover a customer lifecycle, from acquisition to loyalty building.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - ScienceSoft
Microsoft Dynamics CRM - ScienceSoft

Start Customer Experience Transformation with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 offers a collection of applications to automate all key processes across marketing, sales, and customer service.

Sales transformation with Dynamics 365 Sales

The mission of Dynamics 365 for Sales is to organize the sales process and allow sales teams to qualify leads, nurture prospects, and convert them into contracts in the most effective way. Different members of the sales team use it to their advantage.

Benefits for sales reps

  • Centralizing account and contact information.
  • Taking full control over opportunities in the sales pipeline.
  • Scheduling activities and engaging with leads, prospects, and customers in a timely manner.
  • Using stored sales collateral.
  • Getting AI-driven insights based on historical sales data (e.g., the next best action suggested).

Benefits for sales managers

  • Monitoring sales performance.
  • Gaining instant visibility into all leads divided by sources, the progress for open opportunities, sales goals for the department, and many more.
  • Customizing dashboards with tracked KPIs.
  • Facilitating onboarding of new sales reps.

Dynamics 365 Sales pricing, per user/month

First Dynamics 365 app

Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app

Sales Professional

Sales Enterprise

Sales Premium

Microsoft Relationship Sales

Marketing transformation with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

The app automates routine marketing activities and lets you focus on the creative side of the process. The functionality you get covers:

  • Customer segmentation.
  • Customer outreach via a variety of channels (email, social media, text messaging, mobile notifications).
  • Lead generation from marketing pages.
  • Customer journey builder.
  • Event management.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights pricing, per tenant/month

First Dynamics 365 app

Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app


Customer service transformation with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The app enables the transition to a highly automated, fast, and effective customer service that supports:

  • An omnichannel service desk processing requests from all digital channels.
  • Smart case routing to a free and/or field-specific agent.
  • Instant access to customer data for agents.
  • A searchable knowledge base.
  • Pre-written templates for responses.
  • Configurable analytics dashboards.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service pricing, per user/month

First Dynamics 365 app

Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app

Customer Service Professional

Customer Service Enterprise

Field Service

Remote Assist

Get the Best Value of Dynamics 365 with ScienceSoft

Microsoft Partner since 2008, ScienceSoft can build a robust CRM solution on top of three Dynamics 365 apps and help your sales, marketing, and customer service processes take a quantum leap.


We analyze your business specifics, define what customizations to the default Dynamics 365 apps may be beneficial, and work out the right solution for your company.


We tailor or expand the robust functionality of Dynamics 365 apps to meet your specific business goals and migrate historical customer data.


We unlock new functionality and scalability by migrating your company from a CRM system you’ve outgrown to Dynamics 365 or from Dynamics on-premises solution to the cloud.


We create an integral corporate ecosystem by connecting your CRM to other systems and enabling automated data exchange.

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Essential Integrations to Ensure Uninterrupted Data Flows

Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM won’t exist isolated from your other business processes and software systems. Though the integration plan will be unique for each company, there are data flows that we always keep in mind as universal.

Dynamics CRM Integrations - ScienceSoft

  • Customer touchpoints - source different types of customer data for the ultimate goal of a 360-degree customer view.
  • Customer Data Platform - collects, stores and provides customer data to CRM apps.
  • ERP - supplies any product-related information needed for sales and customer service.
  • Accounting software - controls the settlement of payment transactions and updates the payment status for won opportunities.

Choose the Best-Suited Deployment Model

Cloud deployment

Three Dynamics apps that form the core of a CRM solution – Sales, Customer Insights and Customer Service – are designed for cloud deployment. You need to set them up and integrate for connected customer management processes.

On-premises deployment

Microsoft offers one more product – Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement – that covers full functionality for customer engagement and collaboration but is only available for on-premises deployment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

With over 25 successfully fulfilled Dynamics CRM projects, we can guarantee that our solutions meet the needs of:

B2C sales


A medium-to-large client base and the vast number of transactions every day.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps:

The power of a CRM system exposes itself when B2C companies need to automate the way of collecting and centralizing customer data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully responsible for this. With a comprehensive customer profile and robust functionality of the CRM, you have full control over the experience of your customers. The marketing team segments customers for targeted messages. The sales team has insights about a customer’s personality and purchasing preferences while communicating with them. The Dynamics CRM allows the service team not to disturb customers with abundant questions and settle issues efficiently.


B2B transactional sales


A medium client base and a larger value of transactions if compared to B2C sales.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps:

Given that stakes are bigger and the number of potential clients remains high, companies involved in B2B sales need to fine-tune their sales process so that sales reps can work effectively with each lead. When Dynamics CRM is integrated with other enterprise and third-party systems the company uses, it automatically gathers customer data, processes it and provides useful insights. Instead of manually forming a profile and a purchase history for each customer, sales reps can focus on the sales process – qualify leads accurately and increase opportunity conversion rates.

Record creation and update rules allow initiating sales activities automatically from customers’ actions. For example, the system can create a lead from a single social activity. Sales reps will continue with nurturing the lead further on.


B2B complex sales


A small-to-medium client base, a long sales cycle, multiple decision-makers.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps:

This is a sales type where customer relationship steps forward. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales reps can effectively nurture multiple stakeholders understanding the role of each one in the decision-making process. When working with prospects, they add not only contact information or proposal details in a CRM profile but can note down prospects’ individualities, likes or preferences to personalize further communication with them. As far as B2B complex sales focus on developing long-lasting cooperation with customers, these records and the interaction history can help a lot to maintain the high level of communication in the future.

Sales reps can schedule activities in the CRM and get automatic reminders to engage with prospects timely. Thus, with seemingly small steps, they build a trustworthy company reputation and lay the foundation for long-term fruitful cooperation.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demos

We have prepared demos for you to see Microsoft Dynamics CRM in action. The healthcare CRM demo is a perfect example of how CRM customization allows adapting to an industry with its specifics and regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Sales Cycle

See how Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to manage sales processes time-effectively, establish a trusted relationship with prospects and boost your overall sales productivity.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Demo

Dynamics 365: Marketing Solution Demo

See how a marketing solution from Dynamics 365 becomes a full-function tool for omnichannel marketing management.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Demo

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Demo

See how Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps your service agents be quick and effective in handling multiple concurrent service tickets.

Healthcare CRM Demo

See how a healthcare CRM built on Dynamics 365 allows you to personalize communication with patients, manage appointments effectively and draw analytical insights to continually improve the service.

Build Customer Relations That Last

At ScienceSoft, we see firsthand the transformation of customer experience that our clients achieve with Dynamics 365 and encourage you to put its powerful apps to the core of your Customer relationship management.