Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

Throughout 12 years of Microsoft CRM customization, ScienceSoft’s team has learned the ins and outs of the platform and is ready to deliver a unique CRM solution that will meet your specific business requirements.

To make sure you get a cost-effective and powerful CRM system, we focus on configuring strong out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365, and turn to code-based customizing only when it is indeed the most efficient way to solve your challenge.

Levels of Dynamics 365/ CRM fine-tuning

Following an industry-focused approach to CRM customization, we’ll tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your business processes with attention to your external environment, be it Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications, or other industry

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Why ScienceSoft

Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner
  • 12 years in Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting and customization
  • C# .NET, JavaScript and HTML development experience gained through 31 years in Information Technologies
  • Substantial industry-specific experience: we’ve been developing custom software in retail for 16 years and for 14 years in healthcare, banking, and telecom

Our Portfolio

EmailScoop Tracker
EmailScoop Tracker
BI Solution for MS Dynamics CRM
BI Solution for MS Dynamics CRM
N to N Grid
N to N Grid
Call Center Plug-in for MS Dynamics CRM
Call Center Plug-in for MS Dynamics CRM
Dynamics CRM Editable Grids
Dynamics CRM Editable Grids

CRM platform configuration

At this level of Dynamics 365 fine-tuning, we leverage the inbuilt customization capabilities of the platform. We create custom fields, layouts, dashboards, themes, entities, apps and other components - all without writing a line of code.

CRM platform configuration

Configuration is enough if you want to:

  • wrap up your CRM UI in corporate branding
  • make the system more convenient for your sales reps and managers
  • digitize your business processes
  • support several languages for international teams

Exploiting the most of possible no-code configuration, we save you money and ensure you will be able to smoothly upgrade your Dynamics 365 in the future.

Dynamics 365 customization

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust platform that can accommodate your ever-growing customer base and let you perform multiple managerial tasks beyond sales automation:

  • sales team performance management
  • sales forecasting
  • sales and marketing alignment
  • strategic LTV measurement
  • customer analytics, customer experience management, loyalty management, etc.

Business processes and CRM strategies vary from industry to industry. This calls for customizing Dynamics 365 to collect and process the data your organization needs for customer relationship management. We recognize it when a hospital needs to focus on their patients’ appointments and treatment progress, while a telecom keeps in mind their service subscriptions.

CRM customization

In total, our CRM customization services include but aren’t limited to

  • Creation and modification of metadata, schema features, entities, business logic, custom workflows
  • Design of forms and views, dashboards, e-mail and notification templates
  • Optimization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile devices

Development and deployment of custom CRM modules

When in-built configuration options are not enough to reach the CRM maturity level you aim at, ScienceSoft can create a new CRM module from scratch or help you install and configure those provided in the Solution Explorer or Microsoft AppSource. This type of Dynamics 365 customization can be apt for:

  • Routine tasks automation
  • Unique UI components for user convenience
  • Custom tools and features, such as calculators, automatic lead scoring, or one-click quote generation
  • Custom metrics for member performance management, etc.
  • CRM integration with other corporate systems and tools (ERP, accounting, marketing automation, survey software, etc.)
  • CRM integration with social media for Social CRM purposes

Development and deployment of custom CRM modules

While coding, our team uses Microsoft-supported APIs. If unsupported customization is required, we carry out testing and deliver detailed documentation to minimize possible upgrade issues in the future and avoid vendor lock-in.

CRM Solutions for Your Challenges

ScienceSoft is ready to help you run business more efficiently by extending Dynamics 365 so as to fulfill your sales organization and management tasks, including

Sales and Marketing automation

Custom sales pipeline to match your business needs, templates and workflows for email marketing, custom plug-ins to generate quotes in one click, etc.

Custom workflow notifications and alerts

More visibility in business processes and their milestones in the process of lead nurturing, opportunity management, customer satisfaction monitoring, event-triggered notifications for assigned parties (e.g. about an order or an appointment cancellation, an expired subscription, missed calls or meeting follow-ups), etc.

Sales team (member) performance management

Digitizing your performance management program with custom metrics and reports.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Custom reports and dashboards, custom KPIs and CRM tweaks to automate sourcing and processing of particular data.

Customer analytics

Historic sales analysis, predictive analytics, and automatic identification of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, as well as required re-engagement actions.

Integration with other systems

Integration with the ERP to avoid data duplication, integration with an accounting system to display customers’ financial statuses directly in the CRM, and more.

Higher CRM adoption

Customized dashboards for all user roles (sales person, sales manager, lead manager, marketing manager), brand-consistent CRM UI, etc.

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