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SharePoint Contract Management

SharePoint contract management

Contract management systems help businesses quickly create, approve and finalize contracts, keep contract documentation accurately and securely stored, and effectively track the execution of contract milestones.

At ScienceSoft, we create powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective contract management solutions based on SharePoint that fully automate a contract’s life cycle, which helps support obligation management.

And here’s how exactly SharePoint can transform your routine contract management:

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Time-consuming contract creation

Fast and effective contract generating due to reusing contract templates, as well as typical contract clauses and fields

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Legal wording inconsistency

The boilerplate language throughout all contract documentation

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Disjointed contract storage

A central repository for storing and managing contracts

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Slow contract finalization

Integration with e-signature software, which accelerates contract finalizing

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Lack of contract management after a contract’s finalization

Tracking a contract’s life cycle until all its obligations are fulfilled and contact retention as required by compliance regulations

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Security and compliance risks

Protection from unauthorized access, easiness to find, track and report on contracts


ScienceSoft’s Experience in SharePoint Speaks for Itself

MS Gold Collaboration and Content Partner

  • 15 years in SharePoint development.
  • 20+ Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts.
  • 100+ successful projects with SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency.
  • The Financial Times named ScienceSoft USA Corporation among Americas' fastest growing companies- 2022.

#1 Rich Feature Set

A tailored SharePoint contract management solution can provide a set of features suited specifically to the subtleties of your business processes.

  • Contract templates
  • Clause libraries & saved fields
  • Guided contract creation
  • Contract co-authoring
  • Search
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Access control
  • Versioning
  • Reporting
  • Integration with enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, BI, CPQ, AP and smart technology like machine learning and AI
  • Hierarchical approval workflows
  • Parent-child contract hierarchies
  • Compliance check

#2 Consistency with Your Industry Specifics

As the one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for contract management, a SharePoint contract management solution can be tailored to the specific needs of various industries, for example:

  • Healthcare: easy creation of reusable templates for various types of contracts (e.g., payer, patient, clinical trial, corporate sponsorship); HIPAA compliance; reduced medical error due to loss or duplication of contracts.
  • Legal: document digitization, fast contract search and review, secure content sharing and automated reporting
  • Retail: tracking the fulfillment of contract obligations, automatic contract renewals when needed, accelerating contract execution and business transactions.

See SharePoint Contract Management in Action

Check our interactive demo to see how SharePoint facilitates creating, approving and sharing contract documentation.





We can create a full-fledged SharePoint contract management system from scratch to ensure full automation of your contract lifecycle.

If you already use SharePoint or Office 365 solutions for employee collaboration or project management, we will expand their functionality to contract management.

To ensure the consistency of contract-based workflows and employee collaboration, we integrate your solution with Office 365 apps or third-party solutions.

We give you expert advice if you consider implementing a contract management system but don’t know where to start or if CMS you use no longer meets your business needs.

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It’s High Time to Implement a Contract Management Solution

Don’t lag behind and start your implementation project right now if you want to leverage the following benefits of SharePoint contract management

  • 20%

    time saved on contract search

  • 40%

    reduced contract administration costs

  • 100%

    regulatory compliance

Stop Depriving Your Business of These Gains!

Reach out to our experts right NOW for a consultation on the successful streamlining of your contract management with SharePoint.

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