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Weather Vibes Add-In for SharePoint and SharePoint Online

What Is Weather Vibes?

We’re sure you don’t want to be caught by a shower rain suddenly or go on a business trip with light clothes only, just to find out that it’s snowing. To let you always stay up to date with the weather conditions all around the world, we have created Weather Vibes add-in for your SharePoint intranet.

The add-in provides a weather snapshot of a given location. If only one location is set, the app displays the temperature, wind speed, humidity and visibility in this area. If the user sets multiple locations, the app will show the current, maximum and minimum temperatures for each of them. Users can add up to 10 locations, save them as private or public, as well as view various city suggestions.

How to Get the Add-in?

You can download the Weather Vibes add-in from the Office Store.


How to Configure the Add-in?

To configure the Weather Vibes add-in, click the gear icon in the title bar.







How Does It Look like?

Weather Vibes SharePoint Add-in - ScienceSoft

Weather Vibes Tips

  • The add-in can display weather conditions in up to 10 locations. If you do not see any information about the locations you have just added, please refresh the app.
  • To get the latest information, click Refresh in the title bar.
  • Use two icons in the top center part of the app to switch between the Public and Private views.

How to Add Weather Vibes to a SharePoint Page?

To add the Weather Vibes add-in to a SharePoint page, follow the instructions.


  • The Weather Vibes add-in uses a free API from World Weather Online.
  • To display city suggestions, the Weather Vibes add-in utilizes free Google Maps APIs for standard usage. To find out about the limits of Google Maps APIs, read the relevant entry. You can also set your own Google API key in the add-in settings: then it will be applied to all users.

Do You Need Help?

The weather is prone to changes, as so is the state of your SharePoint deployment. If you have any troubles with using the Weather Vibes add-in, or you face any SharePoint-related challenges, please contact our SharePoint consultants. We are always ready to make your solution even more efficient and engaging for end-users.

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