Dynamics 365 Demo: Sales Cycle

Our demo features a comprehensive sales process and guides you throughout the cycle. Find out how you can qualify a lead, create an opportunity, schedule meetings and develop long-term relationships with a new account.

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Our team has prepared this Microsoft Dynamics 365 demo for the full sales cycle to show how the platform can help you:

  • streamline your sales process
  • shorten your sales cycles
  • maintain strong relationship with your prospects
  • boost sales productivity

The demo highlights easy-to-use screens, some of the core sales features, their configurability, and the entire sales process from a lead nurturing to ‘closing the opportunity as won’.  

Why Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Customer-oriented approach: possibility of tracking every customer and their history, which allows to anticipate their needs and exceed expectations
  • Time saving: automated business processes ensure less time is spent on paperwork and time-consuming daily tasks not always related to sales, allowing to create more real value for customers
  • Collaboration: the whole sales team can easily share the information needed and have access to it at any time
  • Security: all information is stored in a central database, so the chances of it being lost are significantly reduced
  • Visibility: CRM reports give an insight into your team’s sales numbers, activities, lead volume, etc.

Key Features of Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Leads & opportunity management → nurture leads, check if they satisfy your qualification criteria, create opportunities
  • Account management → record and retrieve all your contacts’ data, arrange your accounts into groups to provide for efficient communication with them   
  • Sales management → direct your sales process at all stages, organize your sales activity using automated processes to boost performance 
  • Pipeline management → understand at what stage each of your deals is, measure your sales effectiveness effortlessly  
  • Integration with other platforms → get the most out of your CRM platform by integrating it with ERP or SharePoint  
  • Reports & dashboards → check out statistics, be in the know   

If our Microsoft 365/CRM sales demo sparked your interest or aroused any questions, contact our dedicated Dynamics 365 consultants who will be pleased to provide you further information.