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SharePoint ticketing

ScienceSoft’s 12 years of expertise in SharePoint consulting and development allows us to deliver custom feature-rich ticketing and help desk solutions. We know how to make SharePoint bring maximum value to your business’s ticket management together with meeting your business and industry-specific needs.

We implement SharePoint ticketing systems either as a part of a corporate intranet or as a standalone solution designed for employee help desk or customer service. Our custom solutions help to streamline ticket management due to complete automation of request processing, powerful search and reporting capabilities, as well as easy integration with other systems. 

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Explore the Benefits of SharePoint as Ticketing & Help Desk Software

We will help you to build a ticketing system that will enrich your company’s digital environment due to a number of benefits:

Out of the box

Rich out-of-the-box features sufficient for effective request creation and processing.


Extensive customization capabilities for adapting a ticketing and help desk solution to a company’s business needs.


Convenience for companies using other Microsoft products due to single sign-on with them.


Flexibility that allows easy integration with other software, for example, enterprise systems.


24x7x365 accessibility from any device (PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets).


High security due to such features as data encryption, user permission levels, multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, etc.

Leverage Ticketing Tailored to Your Industry Specifics

At ScienceSoft, we prioritize delivering ticketing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. We start with careful analyzing your business needs taking into account your industry specifics. After that we build up a SharePoint ticketing system accordingly. To achieve that, we adapt workflows, request forms, automatic replies, notifications, etc. to your company’s business operations. ScienceSoft’s custom ticketing and help desk solutions can help to facilitate ticket management in:

  • Healthcare (post-treatment doctor-patient communication, ordering medical equipment, etc.).
  • Banking & finance (operations support of a trading system, customer support, etc.).
  • Retail (sales lead tracking, purchase-related requests, after-sales support, etc.).
  • Manufacturing (equipment maintenance, safety and incident ticketing, etc.).

Empower All Your Corporate Systems with Ticketing Functionality

We help companies to enrich their intranets with ticket management features, introduce standalone ticketing solutions for different enterprise systems, as well as improve the existing ones. Our SharePoint team will provide you with a custom solution suitable for effective handling of various types of requests:

  • HR: vacations, sick leave, employee benefits, policy violations, suggestions, complaints, incident reporting, etc.
  • IT: access, network, software and security issues, email configuration, etc.
  • Facilities management: facility maintenance, booking of audio/visual equipment or meeting rooms.
  • Procurement: equipment, software, office supplies, catering, etc.

Employ Feature-Rich Ticket Management

Our SharePoint team will assist you in streamlining ticket management using extensive SharePoint functionality:

Request templates

Request templates for different request types: IT request, facility request, purchase request, HR request, etc.

Automated workflows

Automated workflows for approving a request and routing a ticket to an assignee based on their competences, experience and availability.

Automated scheduling

Automated scheduling of recurrent tickets, for example, for checking office equipment before weekly meetings

Advanced search

Advanced search by request type, due date, assignee, related assets, status, etc.

Instant notifications

Instant notifications about assigning new tickets, user replies, ticket changes, upcoming or expired due date, request approvals, etc.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base that allows reducing the number of requests due to addressing the most repetitive ones.

Strong reporting & analytics

Strong reporting & analytics providing information about requests unresolved and resolved, the most popular request categories, the number of overdue, unassigned and open tickets, etc.

Track SLA Performance

With a SharePoint ticketing solution, you can be sure your company’s helpdesk team adheres to SLA-imposed policies and procedures. SharePoint-based monitoring of SLA performance involves:

  • Setting SLA targets for the first response time, ticket resolution time, etc.
  • Reporting on SLA performance.
  • Generating automatic notifications upon an SLA breach.

Boost Ticketing Efficiency through Integration

We will help you to facilitate your business processes even more by integrating a standalone SharePoint ticketing system with other types of software, such as:

  • Intranets. Such integration offers to extract a user profile info automatically from an intranet into request forms, which helps to avoid reentering data.  
  • Asset management systems. Integrating SharePoint ticketing with asset management provides associating tickets with related physical items, checking their availability, status, cost, description, etc.
  • Remote support software. It allows identifying and resolving IT-related issues remotely.
  • ERP systems. Such integration allows handling business-related requests quicker.

It’s Time to Enhance Your Ticket Management

Either you want to add ticket management functionality to your corporate intranet or improve customer support, our skilled SharePoint team is ready to consult you on the custom development of ticketing and helpdesk solutions. Contact us to learn how your business can benefit from SharePoint-powered ticketing.

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