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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Bring Extra Efficiency to Your Sales Operations

A Microsoft partner and a certified expert in Dynamics 365 Sales, ScienceSoft will automate administrative tasks helping your salespeople focus on winning customers’ trust and more deals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales - Market-Leading Automation Software - ScienceSoft
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales - Market-Leading Automation Software - ScienceSoft

We share a common goal with Microsoft: to unlock digital transformation for as many companies worldwide as possible. On this mission, we confidently rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 software to bring time-saving automation and effective process orchestration to all the major functional business areas.

Do You Know That 30% of Sales Activities Can be Automated?

McKinsey research has unveiled these inspiring findings. Of course, such an efficiency boost is only possible with the most robust and feature-rich sales automation software. Just like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and its ample functional set.

Lead capture and qualification

The system registers and qualifies leads automatically. As a result, you can see which leads must be prioritized and act fast to win their trust.

Lead nurturing

Use sales collateral and templates for different forms of sales outreach to manage multiple leads simultaneously with the same efficiency.

Sales worklist

Schedule sales activities and get notified of a daily agenda. No unsent emails, no missed deadlines, no desk covered with sticky notes.

Next best actions

The system analyzes large volumes of data, uses AI to detect common patterns, and suggests actions that proved efficient in the past.

Detection of at-risk opportunities

Get notified when any of your leads gets unresponsive for too long. You still have a chance to save this deal!

Collaborative space

Tag your colleagues to get their advice regarding the preparation of sales materials or deal negotiations.

Product catalog

Have the collection of products you sell and pricing information at hand to use in quotes and invoices.


Collect the best practices of your team’s sales experience in a space where all the members can always access them.

Quote and invoice generation

Use templates to automatically create price quotes and invoices with consistent formatting and branding.

Mobile app

Have instant access to your sales space, even when you are outside your physical workplace.

Sales performance tracking

Monitor individual and collective results of your salespeople in real time.

Want to see these features in action?

We offer to walk you through a sales cycle in Dynamics 365 Sales.

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How to Integrate Dynamics 365 Sales into Your Business Processes

At ScienceSoft, we unlock automation possibilities throughout an end-to-end sales process: from lead generation to customer relationship building. For that, we connect participating business systems and enable quick data exchange. Below, we share the example of an ecosystem relying mostly on Dynamics 365 apps that integrate seamlessly.

Dynamics 365 Sales Integrations - ScienceSoft

  • Marketing software: generates leads from marketing forms and sends them automatically to Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Invoice processing system: controls the process of invoice payment and returns a payment status for each lead.
  • Contact center: consumes customer information from Dynamics 365 Sales to manage support requests.
  • Order management system: manages order allocation and shipment.
  • Document storage: is where sales documents are e-signed, organized and stored.

How Dynamics 365 Sales Will Change Your Sales Game

Faster preparation of sales proposals

Creating proposals is much faster when you can use predesigned templates, draw the required data from your ERP instantly and easily invite your colleagues to contribute directly to your proposal development space.

More efficient salespeople

When your sales team is free from manual tasks and clearly sees between low- and high-quality leads, they put more energy into elaborating an individual approach to sale-ready leads and have higher chances of converting them.

More closed deals

Many factors contribute to this success, but the key is faster and deeper trust building. When your sales team responds fast, never forgets the agreements, and shows consistency in long sales cycles, customers feel they are dealing with professionals.

Ongoing process improvement

Embedded AI will continuously learn from your sales experience to produce more accurate recommendations. You also can leverage the whole process transparency to spot and spread best practices.

Faster onboarding of new sales reps

Time-consuming knowledge transfer is not needed when the whole history of interactions with leads is stored centrally.

Flexible Pricing for Various Needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is designed for sales automation and helps organize an efficient sales process, drive your sales team’s productivity, increase conversion rates and sales volume. But each company needs a different functional set to work comfortably, and Dynamics 365 Sales offers several pricing plans to prevent overpayment for companies with smaller sales teams and simpler processes.

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Core features for sales force automation.

Best for: small companies with a standard sales process.


Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Sales force automation reinforced with advanced customization capabilities.

Best for: mid-to-large companies with specific sales pipelines.


Dynamics 365 Sales Premium

Sales force automation and AI-powered assistance for sales acceleration.

Best for: mid-to-large companies with large sales teams and active sales.


Microsoft Relationship Sales

Sales force automation integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise.

Best for: mid-to-large companies that do cold sales.


Microsoft Sales Copilot

A role-based copilot designed to improve sales productivity.

Best for: companies that want to maximize sales productivity with AI.


What Microsoft Clients Value in Dynamics 365 Sales

Lufthansa Cargo
Star Star Star Star Star

The major advantage is the level of transparency between the different departments. <Dynamics 365> ensures we're always talking about the same customer—no matter at which of the multiple touchpoints they engage with us throughout their journey.

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Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG
Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, the data we collect is now structured and forms the basis for managing our business processes. We finally get the transparency we need to design standardized processes based on analytical insight s— both within and between our sales subsidiaries worldwide.

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Northrop & Johnson
Star Star Star Star Star

When you have to make an impact in minutes which is what you have with these busy clients, you need to be very attuned to them. Otherwise, it could cost you the sale. So, having a solution at your fingertips that connects the entire journey is huge for our sales team.

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Undergo Your Sales Transformation with ScienceSoft

About ScienceSoft

16 years of expertise in sales automation software

Microsoft partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft-certified experts proficient in deploying Dynamics-powered solutions

How we can help you

We offer a set of services to make your experience with Dynamics 365 Sales delightful.


Our experts will be always by your side to help you make just winning decisions regarding Dynamics 365 Sales and thoroughly plan how to use this powerful software for the benefit of your sales processes.


We do all the work to incorporate Dynamics 365 Sales into your business: configure and customize it to your specific sales processes and integrate with the related systems for flawless data exchange.

Managed support

We can evolve your Dynamics 365 Sales if your sales processes change or adapt to new business conditions.

Feel the Difference in Sales Performance with Proper Automation

We will unlock great sales automation possibilities built into Dynamics 365 Sales and show you how much easier and more efficient your sales processes can be.