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SharePoint managed services for enterprises

With 12 years in SharePoint consulting and development, ScienceSoft offers professional managed services on a remote basis to support our customers’ SharePoint solutions. We undertake maintaining and enhancing enterprises’ SharePoint environment and enable businesses to focus on their core activities.​ 

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  • 8 years in managed services
  • 20+ Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts
  • Microsoft Gold Competency Partner

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Why SharePoint Managed Services

You may need SharePoint managed services for the following reasons:

  • Increased productivity. Delegating the daily maintenance of your SharePoint environment to a managed services provider can greatly reduce the in house IT team’s workload. Thus, the in-house IT team can focus on planning technology changes based on business priorities.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Using SharePoint managed services allows you to reduce costs on IT professionals, as your company will use and pay for a qualified SharePoint team’s skills only when they are needed.
  • Managed updates. SharePoint constantly develops new features and managed services can help your enterprise to keep up with them. Managed services specialists offer updating your SharePoint solutions and adjusting them to your business processes and other software in use to ensure an efficient working environment.
  • Security & compliance. SharePoint managed services ensure qualified monitoring to identify a SharePoint solution’s security vulnerabilities and address them in a timely manner. Compliance regulations (e.g. GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, etc.) are constantly updated and a SharePoint managed services provider ensures that your solutions stay in sync with these changes.
  • Business continuity. Your company can be highly dependent on SharePoint for business processes (procurement, production, sales, etc.). In this case, the software’s downtime can cause you time and money. And a SharePoint managed services provider is committed to ensure high availability, performance and fault-free functioning of your SharePoint environment.

ScienceSoft's SharePoint Managed Services

Our key offerings include:

End-user support

End-user support

ScienceSoft’s managed services team addresses SharePoint-related problems, advice or improvement requests coming in from end users in a timely and professional manner.

SharePoint customization support

Customization support

Our team solves customization issues with your SharePoint solutions, such as intranets, document management systems, project management tools, etc. We maintain the stable work of your custom add-ins.

SharePoint integration support

Integration support

We ensure seemless performance of your SharePoint solution integrated with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, ECM, DMS, PM, BI, ITSM), email (Outlook, Gmail) and social media (Facebook, Twitter) services, collaboration solutions (Yammer, Microsoft Teams), etc. Also, ScienceSoft can tackle communication with the providers of systems for integration with SharePoint solutions.

How We Start

We use a proactive approach to SharePoint managed services and start with a comprehensive diagnostics of a SharePoint solution’s performance and security – initial remote health check. The health check includes overall monitoring of the SharePoint solution through:

  • SharePoint security audit.
  • SharePoint farm assessment.
  • Custom application assessment.
  • Content analysis and assessment.
  • Custom code review.
  • Load time analysis.
  • User experience assessment.

After the diagnostics, ScienceSoft comes up with a health check report that contains a detailed description of the detected bottlenecks, such as security vulnerabilities or user adoption issues, and gives recommendations on how to fix them. Our SharePoint team also offers assistance in implementing these recommendations.

What We Do

With SharePoint managed services, we offer:

24/7 coverage

24/7 coverage. ScienceSoft’s SharePoint managed services are available round-the-clock.


Ongoing SharePoint monitoring. Quick access to the metrics such as firewall rules, network bandwidth, etc. allows us to be aware of errors as soon as they happen and take immediate action to resolve the issues.

Ongoing performance check

Ongoing system performance check. We carry out an in-depth analysis of SharePoint performance and its components to detect bottlenecks, such as slow load time. Then, if we reveal problems in CPU, RAM, etc., we troubleshoot these issues.

Help desk

Help desk. We handle trouble tickets on loss of critical data, application errors, SharePoint functionality degradation, etc. in conformity with a service level agreement (SLA).

Security check

Monthly security check. ScienceSoft assists you in evaluating the overall protection of your SharePoint solution, including checking security certificates and updates, permissions, antivirus configuration, etc.

Patch installation

Patch installation. We ensure the protection of work processes and collaboration in SharePoint by installing the latest security patches regularly. To avoid any application interruptions we apply the zero downtime patching (ZDP) method. Besides security patches, we also offer installing bugfixes and patches that improve performance and usability (for example, language patches).

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Based on monitoring the state of your SharePoint environment and collecting various metrics, we deliver the following reports:

  • Weekly status reports. Detailed information about tasks and the implementation process.
  • Monthly health reports. Information about the state of the system and performance of SharePoint solutions.

Specifically, we analyze:

  • Farm configuration.
  • Authentication and networking.
  • Search configuration. 
  • Master page functionality.
  • Custom web parts.
  • Security configuration of local servers.
  • Subsites count.
  • Design.
  • Usability, etc.

Consulting Services

Besides standard managed services, we provide SharePoint consulting support to help your enterprise to make the best of SharePoint capabilities in case of major changes in your SharePoint solution, for example:

  • Migration of a SharePoint solution to a newer on-premises version or to the cloud.
  • Creating a hybrid SharePoint solution.
  • Developing a custom SharePoint mobile app.
  • Integrating a SharePoint solution with third-party software.

Our Managed Services Offering Also Includes

  • Managing Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS): performance tuning, diagnostics and troubleshooting, remote administration, security management, hosting management.
  • Managing Microsoft SQL Server: design and implementation, configuration and administration, capacity management and monitoring, performance tuning, storage disaster recovery.
  • Fixing integration issues for SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online: non-optimal data layout, bad connection between integrated systems, etc.  
  • Making backups. We prepare disaster recovery plans and provide recommendations for a SharePoint backup strategy. We schedule full and incremental backups for content, metadata, etc. and perform data recovery. We also check the backup and recovery processes by regular testing.

Terms & Pricing Policy

At ScienceSoft, we don’t stick to a rigid SLA and are always open to discuss and adjust the scope of managed services to your enterprise’s business or IT strategy changes.

We adhere to a transparent and flexible pricing policy that caters to our customers’ needs. The price of SharePoint managed services depends on the number of farms, servers, integrations and complexity of customizations. Click on the button below to get a price quote for SharePoint managed services.

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