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SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint can become a basis for diverse solutions, such as intranets, portals, DMS, CMS, LMS, knowledge management and ticketing solutions, and more. With 16 years in SharePoint development, ScienceSoft delivers robust solutions to help orgs handle industry and business-specific challenges successfully.

SharePoint solutions
SharePoint solutions

Our Projects

SharePoint Solutions Adapted to Your Business Context

With 100+ completed SharePoint projects, we know how to transform out-of-the-box SharePoint into a custom-made SharePoint intranet or extranet, document and workflow management system, responsive public website, knowledge and innovation management solution, HR or project management system, helpdesk portal and more.

Custom-made SharePoint solutions

SharePoint intranets

We build up fully functional SharePoint intranets to enable organization-wide collaboration. We’ll fill your intranet with a variety of features for your employees to stay tuned to the working process in a changing business environment. For this, we deliver responsive, powerful and secure intranets that guarantee flawless and protected collaboration on various devices and in any location.

Success stories

SharePoint Intranet Demo

ScienceSoft shows an example of a flexible, dynamic and responsive intranet with an eye-catching design.

SharePoint extranets

We know that fruitful external collaboration defines your business stability and success. To help you establish robust relationships with your customers, vendors and partners, we create SharePoint extranets that help you stay connected with users outside of your organization. This simplifies negotiation and decision-making, supports your business openness and encourages dynamic and secure knowledge exchange.

Success stories

SharePoint document management solutions

We deliver full-fledged document management solutions to ensure uninterrupted and error-free document flows in your organization. We create well-structured document libraries, set metadata features to allow users to easily classify and search their documents, and implement relevant document management workflows to ensure fully automated document circulation both inside and outside your organization.

Success stories

DMS Demo

Check our live example of SharePoint DMS that facilitates creating, storing, approving and sharing of your company's documentation.

SharePoint workflow management solutions

We help you automate business processes of different complexity and turn multistep tasks into simple and logical workflows.

We bring comprehensive workflow management systems to life and add workflow management features to other SharePoint solutions to reduce employees’ efforts and time they spend on their daily tasks. We implement both out-of-the-box and custom workflows as well as deliver custom event receivers to cover the most sophisticated enterprise processes.

Success stories

SharePoint-based public websites

We create responsive public websites using SharePoint as a content management system (CMS). We deliver flexible websites that support various content types and are easy to manage, maintain and use. Our SharePoint developers work together with UI and UX designers to make your site attractive and intuitive for visitors. We also help you choose the most relevant authentication methods to enable quick and protected access for different user groups.

Success stories

SharePoint project management solutions

To make each of your project a success, we help you implement and tune SharePoint-based project management solutions. We put together features and tools for time management, project planning and tracking, project-related workflows and collaboration to allow teams to stay constantly tuned to their projects, respect deadlines, follow each other’s timetables and have all the project-related information at their fingertips.

Success stories

SharePoint HR solutions

We facilitate such HR activities as recruitment, onboarding, employee personal development, training sessions, paid-time-off (PTO) tracking and more with dedicated SharePoint HR solutions. We help HR managers stay connected with employees, follow their personal progress and promptly react to their needs to better control employee turnover and increase staff retention.

Success stories

HR Portal Demo

Our interactive demo shows how a SharePoint portal streamlines HR processes and helps your HR team stay productive.

SharePoint knowledge management solutions

We develop full-fledged knowledge management systems as well as bring knowledge management features to your SharePoint solutions to let you take the most out of your corporate knowledge, both explicit and tacit. Our objective is to facilitate knowledge acquisition, externalization, distribution and maintenance so that you can augment and improve knowledge continuously as well as make it one of your most valuable organizational assets.

Success stories

SharePoint innovation management solutions

Our SharePoint team will help you design a solution to support team collaboration throughout the entire innovation cycle, starting from an abstract concept and going to the production of real products and services. We also assist you in selecting and implementing the most suitable security control and data protection tools to keep the sensitive data behind your innovation project private.

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Why Turn to Us for Your SharePoint Solution

Full-cycle SharePoint services

We provide full-cycle SharePoint services. We can help you with any SharePoint-related issue at any stage of your solution lifecycle. We can assist you in developing, customizing, migrating, maintaining and supporting your solution, so you don’t have to look for another service provider to ensure your solution’s continuous evolution.

IT consulting

We aren’t just developers, we are consultants. We understand your business needs and prioritize them, instead of focusing on development only. We aim at delivering SharePoint solutions that solve specific business challenges, save employees’ time and efforts and let them stay productive both within working hours and beyond.

Experience in versatile solutions

We are experienced in versatile solutions. Our competencies are not limited to one narrow direction only, that’s why you can turn to us if you consider creating a corporate intranet, a SharePoint project management system, or adding workflow management features, say, for your procurement department to handle their daily tasks successfully.

Care about end-users

We care about end-users. While creating SharePoint solutions, we think about user adoption upfront. That’s why we develop every SharePoint feature focusing on its value and convenience for end-users. We also carry out training sessions to help users understand their SharePoint solutions and benefit from them every day.

Let’s Start Our Cooperation with a Proof of Concept

It’s so easy to start your SharePoint project. If you have quite a clear vision of your future solution or just basic ideas about SharePoint, our consultants are ready to put together your concepts, preferences and business requirements and provide you with a free PoC.