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SharePoint Internal Portal Development for a Medical Faculty

SharePoint Internal Portal Development for a Medical Faculty

Healthcare, Education, Information Technology, Software products
SharePoint, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), MS SQL Server


The customer is a Belgian information technology and business systems integrator that specializes in creating, developing and implementing software solutions. With a unique focus on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, their applications allow corporate users to get more from project management, improve information quality and share knowledge.


The End Customer, a large European university, needed a multilingual internal portal for its faculty of medicine to help both students and lecturers access the large e-library of medical research papers.


ScienceSoft’s medical website development team created a web application with extended navigation features. The portal’s algorithm for calculating search results relevance can find a paper using specific terms and keywords as well as define the most relevant topic expert.

How does it work?

Students can search through the scientific papers by experts (lecturers). In the system, papers are categorized by authors and specialization (Therapy, Oncology, Radiology, etc.). The relevance algorithm not only considers the keyword but also offers publications with specializations using this word most frequently. Moreover, it analyzes the number of publications for each expert and determines the lecturer with the highest level of experience on the subject.

Using this information, students are able to access the lecturer’s profile and see his contact information. Therefore, the portal allows finding a medical article and defining the relevant research advisor.

The web application provides authorized users with their personal profiles. Thus, lecturers can upload new publications, add new supervisees, and change contact information.


The university received an application with a custom medical website design for its students and lecturers. Supporting the English and Dutch languages, the software provides an extensive search system to simplify studying and research for medical students and experts, as well as offers authorized users to access their personal profiles.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft SharePoint 2013, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, Open LDAP

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