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Marketing Automation Services

Get More Return from Every Marketing Dollar

Marketing automation helps minimize manual labor-intensive tasks and attract more leads via personalized and well-timed marketing campaigns. ScienceSoft can help you get marketing software to support all the functions needed for your marketing success.

Marketing Automation Services - ScienceSoft
Marketing Automation Services - ScienceSoft

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Get Ready to Love Your Future Marketing Automation Software

Nowadays, marketers need marketing platforms with rich functionality to try versatile approaches and channels to reach and talk to their audiences.

Collecting real-time customer data

Integrate your marketing software with the sources of customer data and automate data collection, organization and continuous enrichment. Set up rules to recognize customers across different interaction channels and avoid duplicate profiles.

Audience segmentation

Set up rules for dynamic audience segmentation based on demographic or behavioral similarity and target each marketing action at the right segment.

Marketing content creation

Prepare marketing templates with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, and save plenty of time by reusing the templates in iterative marketing campaigns.

Marketing personalization

Complete your messages with dynamic content that will change automatically based on customer profile data.

Automated campaign delivery

Schedule the start of your campaign and set up next steps automatically triggered by customer actions (opened/not opened an email, clicked/not clicked the link).

Idea testing & marketing experiments

Use A/B tests to try different texts, images, and timing variants. Find the most resonating messages and collect your own best practices.

Lead generation

Record, score and send your leads generated from marketing activities directly to a sales team to ensure the shortest response time.

Event management

Put your organizational notes for online and offline events in a single space.

And don’t worry: a rich feature list doesn’t have to result in challenging user adoption. Intuitive UX mitigates the seeming complexity and makes teamwork smooth.

Meet Customers on Their Preferred Channel

Modern consumers, especially younger generations, enthusiastically use different channels and touchpoints to stay connected to brands. With marketing automation software, your company can talk via all of them.


Even mass emailing is a success with proper audience segmentation and personalization.

Push notifications

While customers always keep their mobile phones nearby, you can’t have a better way to deliver time-sensitive news and promotions.

Text messages

Have an important update that must be surely delivered and read? With an average open rate of 98%, text messages is a way to go!

Social media

Make your company’s presence on social media consistent and regular with a calendar to schedule all publications.

Landing pages

Easily create marketing pages from illustrations, text blocks, contact forms, sliders and other content formats.


Invite your customers to meet in person or online and use your event organizer to think through every detail.

Featured Success Stories

Make Your Marketing Agile and Scalable with the Right Technology

Are you expecting better results from your marketing? Then you just can’t rely on an age-old marketing mentality. Transform your marketing with the tech to adopt different techniques, connect to your customers via multiple channels and free up time for marketing creativity.

Marketing Automation Benefits You Will Surely Get

Each company uses marketing software in a unique way, in line with its marketing strategy. Although the ROI in each case will be calculated from different factors, some benefits are acknowledged by all companies that adopted automated marketing solutions.

Time savings

The most expected result from the automation of previously manual tasks.

High productivity

You can run hundreds of marketing campaigns simultaneously.

Branding consistency

No matter how many people are involved in marketing content creation, they rely on unified templates.

Fast lead response time

As leads from marketing campaigns are recorded automatically, a sales team makes the first contact much faster.

Increased customer engagement

Personalize marketing, quickly test your ideas and iterate, and you’ll come up with the most powerful techniques to influence your audience.

How We Can Help You

Direct your marketing automation strategy

We can take a purely consulting role, study your marketing processes and hand you a plan of what software to adopt to see real process improvements.

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Implement a comprehensive marketing platform

We ensure the fastest time to value by fully customizing a commercial platform to your specifics.

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Create a marketing management module

We can enhance the functional capabilities of your existing software with a custom module serving marketing-related goals.

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Build full-fledged custom marketing software

We can engineer the software from scratch exclusively for your business needs.

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