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Marketing Automation Services - ScienceSoft

Marketing automation services help optimize the existing marketing processes and create new processes by automating the regular marketing tasks.

As a marketing automation provider, ScienceSoft, helps its customers optimize marketing processes with the help of platform-based and custom marketing automation software. Our goal is more than delivering a functioning solution – we enable digital transformation of our customers’ marketing processes.

Tired of Low Marketing ROI?

ScienceSoft will help you optimize your marketing processes with help of fitting technology.

What You Get with Marketing Automation Services from ScienceSoft

We offer 2 major options for marketing automation, based on the nature of your marketing processes:

Custom development

  • Deep customization of a marketing automation platform
  • Full-cycle development of a marketing automation solution

We cover the following areas of marketing automation:

Why Turn to ScienceSoft?

ScienceSoft - Gold Microsoft Partner

ScienceSoft - Registered Salesforce Partner

  • An agency with 14 years in marketing automation
  • Expertise in 30 industries, including manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft and Salesforce.

Your Questions about Marketing Automation Answered

Is marketing automation expensive?

Automation with Dynamics 365 Marketing can bring up to 180% ROI in less than a year after implementation, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud have seen ROI of 110%. Such results are possible due to reducing manual efforts and providing marketers all needed insights into their operations.

Will a custom solution entail even higher costs?

Custom marketing automation software can satisfy unique business needs and start bringing value early with iterative development. You can get a working MVP (minimum viable product) with core functionality within 1-2 months after the development start.

Is marketing automation suitable for inbound marketing?

There are many cases where you may utilize automation for inbound marketing, for example advertising management (tracking budgets, campaign outcomes, etc.), social network marketing automation (tracking brand mentions), customer journeys and digital workspaces.

Our Customers’ Success Stories

Development of Trade Marketing Planning Software for 82,000 Staff FMCG Company

ScienceSoft developed a trade promotion management solution that could be customized to operate in a particular market that streamlined the end customer’s marketing activities in different regions.

Marketing Software Customization for a Retail Chain

ScienceSoft helped a group of companies to increase their marketing efficiency with automated email marketing and social media engagement automation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization for Loyalty Program Management of a Large Media Company

ScienceSoft created an automated loyalty program for a large media company.

Taxi Advertising Software Development

ScienceSoft developed custom advertising web service for personalized ad campaigns.

Development of a Magento Loyalty and Advertising Extension for Innovative Marketing Company

ScienceSoft developed loyalty and advertising Magento extensions to help the customer build a unique loyalty program and advertising campaigns.

Choose Your Marketing Automation Service Option

B2C marketing automation

To create converting prospect journeys and attract more sales-ready leads.

B2B marketing automation

To establish prospects nurturing and streamline collaboration with decision makers.

Ecommerce marketing automation

To provide personalized experience for prospects, from tailor-made offers to unique landing pages.

Why Should You Go for Marketing Automation Now?

  • +53%

    сonversion from prospects into leads

  • +10%

    sales pipeline volume

  • +16%

    faster overall company growth

  • +25%

    revenue plan fulfillment

  • Sources: Marketo, Jones PR