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InOffice Cakes&Candles Add-In for SharePoint and SharePoint Online

What Is InOffice Cakes&Candles?

Enable your employees to follow their colleagues’ birthdays right on their SharePoint intranet with the InOffice Cakes&Candles add-in. The add-in displays personal information (name, job title and date of birth) of users who are going to celebrate their birthdays. With this add-in, employees can congratulate their colleagues and send them a gift (an image) coupled with birthday wishes. When a user receives congratulations, he or she can read them by clicking the notification in the add-in.

How to Get the Add-in?

You can download InOffice Cakes&Candles from the Office Store.


How to Configure the Add-in?

To configure InOffice Cakes&Candles, click the gear icon in the title bar.





How Does It Look Like?

InOffice Cakes&Candles - SharePoint Add-In - ScienceSoft

The add-in is available in 4 color themes

  • Sky blue
  • Azure blue
  • Cloud gray
  • Crimson

How to Add InOffice Cakes&Candles to a SharePoint Page?

To add InOffice Cakes&Candles to a SharePoint page, follow the instructions.

How to Troubleshoot the App?

If the InOffice Cakes&Candles add-in does not display any information about birthdays or the drop-down settings are empty, please go to Site Contents. Click the three dots and choose Permissions. You have to trust the add-in, so click the Here link to update the add-in permissions.

If the app still does not work appropriately, please contact us.

Are You Looking For Assistance?

Your colleagues need your attention and so do your SharePoint solutions. If you have any difficulties while setting or using InOffice Cakes&Candles, please contact our SharePoint development team. We are also ready to help you address various SharePoint-related challenges to improve your current deployments.

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