SharePoint Case Studies

As a SharePoint Partner holding the Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency, we turn extensive collaboration capabilities of the platform into effective solutions for organizations all over the world. We help our customers build full-fledged intranets, document management systems, learning management systems, and more based on any version of SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

Check some of our SharePoint projects below, and if you don’t see a project similar to yours among them, don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance.

A corporate-wide Intranet solution for a Canadian full-service commercial bank to facilitate collaboration between departments. The solution provides tools for sharing documents and storing corporate knowledge base and also encourages internal communication to streamline business processes across all bank levels.

ScienceSoft developed a fully functional corporate intranet for a European provider of social care services. The solution on Microsoft Office 365 provides its users with a variety of learning capabilities and facilitates employees’ everyday activities.

ScienceSoft's team completely redesigned the Customer's intranet and made it intuitive, dynamic and engaging. The intranet streamlined content management, policy management and search. search as well as offered a range of valuable business and social features.

ScienceSoft delivered an HR portal balanced in business and social features for a Canadian construction company. The portal streamlines the work of HR and other departments and increases employee engagement due to diverse social features.

Experienced in providing SharePoint migration services, ScienceSoft’s specialists implemented an employee portal of an international telecom and media company in Office 365.

ScienceSoft developed a fully-functional project management system on SharePoint 2013. The solution facilitated HR management activities, made the working process transparent for employees and ensured quality project management owing to proper planning and time distribution.

ScienceSoft delivered a portal for tenants and contractors to an international chain of shopping malls. The solution enabled the Customer to facilitate requests workflow and improve service quality.

ScienceSoft created a modern-looking and user-friendly SharePoint intranet with a set of social web parts that helped the Customer increase employee engagement and quick links that facilitated access to the tools employees needed in their daily work.

ScienceSoft’s team developed an enterprise portal for an American financial advisory firm. The portal offers advanced team collaboration and project management functionality and supports regulatory compliance.

ScienceSoft’s team of Microsoft certified specialists embarked on a long-term SharePoint farm maintenance and support project for a UK local authority.

ScienceSoft implemented a business-oriented and modern-looking financial intranet on SharePoint Online equipped with custom web parts for a European financial company.

ScienceSoft developed a SharePoint-based records management system to help lawyers manage cases more effectively. The solution is integrated with an OCR system and a document storage and enables document profiling and calendaring. Records immutability is ensured with a role-based access to the system.

ScienceSoft revived the Customer’s SharePoint portal. The SharePoint team migrated the solution to SharePoint 2016, restructured it, tailored the intranet and the extranet parts. Besides, with the BI team’s help, they integrated the solution with Power BI to bring informative and nicely visualized reporting to the SharePoint pages.

ScienceSoft developed a SharePoint intranet for Siberian Service Company with more than 5,000 employees located in 30 geographically dispersed offices.

ScienceSoft’s team redesigned the SharePoint intranet to make it more user-friendly and engaging. Customization covered automating manual tasks, extending social components and enhancing the intranet’s look and feel.

ScienceSoft’s team successfully fulfilled a project on upgrading a SharePoint-based intranet product developed by a European IT company. The intranet’s new version is built on the SharePoint Framework and has improved usability and design.

A chemical manufacturing company commissioned ScienceSoft to implement a SharePoint Online document management system with the emphasis on its storage and search capabilities.

ScienceSoft created the approval and the reminder workflows for a US consumer products company of 6,000 employees to help it streamline document management.

ScienceSoft created an intelligent vacation chatbot that helps the Customer's employees to check up and book vacations right on their SharePoint intranet homepage, as well as via desktop and mobile messengers.

ScienceSoft’s SharePoint developers created a feature-rich SharePoint Online intranet for an international parcel delivery company. The intranet ensured dynamic working processes and cross-department collaboration throughout the entire company.

ScienceSoft helped the Customer to improve their SharePoint-based quality management system by tuning document management features, enabling employee collaboration on quality management issues and facilitating the assessment of employees’ knowledge of the corporate code of practice.

ScienceSoft fulfilled the migration of an intranet for a company providing secured financing to American small business owners. Additionally, our developers improved the portal’s UI and UX.

ScienceSoft’s team customized the intranet based on SharePoint Server 2019 by adding new web parts, which facilitated tracking the intranet’s updates and working with documents as well as helped improve user adoption.

ScienceSoft specialists developed a custom approval workflow in SharePoint for an American law firm to streamline the firm’s pro forma management.

ScienceSoft’s team migrated the manufacturing company’s content from the on-premises server to SharePoint Online, which helped improve content management and employee collaboration.

ScienceSoft performed the health check assessment of the Customer's SharePoint portal, evaluated the viability of the existing solutions and provided feasible recommendations on how to restore the correct functioning of the portal, as well as shared their vision of the future migration project.

ScienceSoft developed a website for a US marine technology company. SharePoint was used as a content management system. The project was completed in the extremely short timeframe of only 3 weeks.

ScienceSoft team has created a SharePoint-based internal web application for a university. The medical faculty portal provides an extended retrieval system to simplify studying and researching for students. The relevance algorithm allows not only a simple keyword search, but also offers a list of papers with particular medical specialties using this word most frequently.

ScienceSoft developed a public website for a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of coffee and tea. The SharePoint team migrated the PHP-based website to SharePoint and tuned the new CMS to be easy to manage and support.

ScienceSoft has needed a solution to resolve such obstacles as low integration between departments, lack of communication within the project team and absence of corporate knowledge base. Company chose to base its custom Business Operation System of ScienceSoft on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. New infrastructure organizes all the essential business processes through the library, workflows, reports, plans, time tracking option, corporate news and technical support help desk.

ScienceSoft developed a SharePoint portal for a large distributor of car spare parts. The portal enabled an easier communication with dealers, provided tools for document management and reporting.

ScienceSoft customized a SharePoint intranet for an international real estate company. Our team restructured the existing solution, added new features to support employees’ activities and created a new responsive design to make the solution more user-friendly.

ScienceSoft’s SharePoint team integrated the Customer’s SharePoint portal with a CRM system and enriched it with reporting features to facilitate the performance management process. The developers also designed a custom search for the e-learning section of the portal.

ScienceSoft helped the Customer to migrate their corporate intranet to SharePoint 2016. The migration allowed optimizing the intranet’s functionality, substantially improving user experience and data protection.

ScienceSoft conducted a thorough Intranet analysis for the international insurance company with 70,000+ employees across the globe. To detect all the critical issues and provide the detailed recommendations for improving the performance, our team has created an assessment methodology based on all the aspects affecting system performance, including inspection of SharePoint farms, DR farm, storage, SQL server clusters, networking and authentication.

ScienceSoft delivered a customization solution for the Fortune 500 gold company with 32,000+ employees and contractors worldwide. The new SharePoint portal extends the functionality with possibility to create and edit news without developers’ involvement, possibility to add sites for each region with unique news and permission management, social media links, quick links and integration with Piwik.

Creating an HR management solution based on Microsoft SharePoint to help small enterprises store and share employee-related information. ScienceSoft extended the platform’s out-of-the-box functionality to allow a more flexible security model.

ScienceSoft team created a corporate intranet for a biopharmaceutical company based on MS SharePont Online. With this online solution, users are able to share content with their colleagues, publish medical articles, post their comments and questions, find necessary information, as well as get the latest corporate news and updates.

Experienced in migration services, ScienceSoft implemented the intranet portal content migration from SharePoint Server 2010 to Office 365 for a US healthcare company. Our team retained all the data and permissions model in a new cloud solution.

A US bank with $700 million in assets commissioned ScienceSoft to reorganize its outdated corporate portal into a multifunctional intranet in Office 365. With 10+ years of experience in SharePoint intranet migration, ScienceSoft’s team completed the task successfully.

A turnkey SharePoint portal that helped the leading aluminum solutions provider merge with another big player and seamlessly integrate multiple processes. The company now uses the portal to to manage projects that are spread across 30 countries and involve 15,000 employees.

ScienceSoft team create a project management solution based on SharePoint Online. With the solution users are able to access the projects they are assigned to, find and study necessary documents and files, track the project progress, assign tasks and manage their fulfillment, create events in the calendar and set reminders.

ScienceSoft’s experts created an all-in-one document management solution for the international atomic energy organization. In order to improve service quality and provide verification of the documentation, the end functionality joins together features from all the formerly used nuclear material tracking systems with data stored in unified format.

ScienceSoft created the SharePoint portal for the oil service company with $500 mln revenue. The solution is a unified management system, accessible within all domains of the corporate intranet, integrated with accounting and HR systems and providing the functionality for effective one-source support of all the users.

Providing SharePoint consulting for managing permissions and retention policies in a portal of a US packaging box manufacturer.

ScienceSoft helped the Customer to upgrade the functionality of a search portal by expanding the solution with charts, data tables and personalization features.

A success story of branding an intranet SharePoint portal for a multinational car manufacturer with $80 bn revenue and 200,000 employees on board. Our designer and SharePoint experts were trusted to do the design without specific guidelines.

ScienceSoft developed an internal SharePoint portal for Tieto, one of the largest European IT companies with €1.5 billion revenue. The solution enabled the Customer to automate document workflows and to improve employees’ productivity.

The Customer turned to ScienceSoft for migrating the log-in/log-out application to the SharePoint online platform, a part of Office 365. Our team ensured seamless migration of the app and its integration with the Saratoga Bridges corporate intranet.

ScienceSoft created a new Column Type Sequencer feature for SharePoint 2010/2013. It allows generating unique identifiers for SharePoint items. Every unique identifier consists of variable arguments that are joined together to a unique string, which can be interpreted by any user.

A complete performance management system for the automotive software provider with a network of 55,000 end customers in 80 countries enables data collection and analysis for the vehicle sales and services, spare parts availability as well as financial reporting.

ScienceSoft customized a corporate SharePoint portal for 9 branches of Nordea Bank, listed among top 50 banks of the world with its total assets of $ 700+ bn

ScienceSoft developed a service delivery platform for a European SaaS provider. The solution is an automated multi-level system based on the MS BizTalk Server, providing service retailing, messaging and collaboration platform, administration and activities’ support.

ScienceSoft developed a fully-fledged Intranet with multiple subsites and pages for an international investment company. The solution is an easy-to-use corporate-wide system with a customized look and feel, centralized information environment for a better management of geographically distributed facilities, content sharing, document management and enterprise search within the organization.

ScienceSoft created a fully integrated system for the IT service provider. To ensure data-driven decision making, a variety of reports, metrics, KPI and attributes were implemented to the solution. The system is based on SharePoint platform and allows merging all data from the internal CRM, Excel workbooks, task tracking systems and accounting system sources in a single storage as well as building reports in accordance with specified parameters.

ScienceSoft developed a SharePoint search portal for an international consulting company. The solution centralized the Customer’s unique content and enabled end users to retrieve and search accurate data on their PCs or mobile devices.

A solution to ensure seamless flow of data from SharePoint to multiple applications and vice versa for oil manufacturing companies. ScienceSoft extended the standard SharePoint functionality to support synchronization of more data types.

The Customer is an energy software provider. It has decided to migrate the application, enabling monitoring and forecasting of energy consumption, optimization of energy production and electricity trading to .NET platform. ScienceSoft has successfully developed the Migration Concept, specifying the options for final code improvements, strategies for overcoming potential problems during the automated migration along with exact costs and resources required.

ScienceSoft customized a SharePoint website for a consulting company by adding two unique Web Parts.

ScienceSoft has created a legal SharePoint portal, allowing lawyers to store their case studies, contracts, notes and other information through personal sub portals. Each client has access only to his own portal, which rules out the possibility of information leakage.

ScienceSoft carried out the functional and automated testing on Data Viewer SharePoint component for the Customer, a provider of SharePoint-based software and the Microsoft Certified Partner. The team validated data setup and data mapping according to configuration of the component, checked data sorting and filtering in the component. The Customer also received a robust, flexible and scalable framework to test the end user part.

COVID-19 – An update to our clients
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
In the uncertain time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, I want to assure you that ScienceSoft remains fully operational and dedicated to supporting the continuity of our customers’ businesses. Most of ScienceSoft’s employees work remotely, and we’re equipped to provide our services in new conditions, with no impact on the quality of service or communication.
Stay safe and healthy,
Nikolay Kurayev,
Chief Executive Officer at ScienceSoft