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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Providing data warehouse services since 2005, ScienceSoft has been helping companies benefit from enterprise-wide analytics, reporting, and data visualization. Being technology-agnostic, we choose the optimal toolset to meet our customers’ specific needs. Below, we showcase projects where we used MySQL to help our clients process their data up to 10x faster and achieve 99% software stability.

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Secure Crypto Payment APIs for the World's Leading Digital Entertainment Platform

In 8 months, ScienceSoft delivered ready-to-deploy source code and comprehensive technical documentation for custom Litecoin and Bitcoin APIs. With the new APIs, the Customer was able to introduce crypto payments for its clients promptly and with minimal risks.


Web Product For Automated Bond Portfolio Management

The solution enables investment professionals to securely trade bonds, monitor their portfolios, and automatically generate financial reports. By expanding its web service with convenient self-service options, the Customer capitalized on higher investor satisfaction.


5 Years of Technology Partnership Resulting in the Viber Messenger with 1B+ Users

Viber relied on ScienceSoft to build, support, and evolve the Android and desktop versions of its instant messaging and VoIP app. By cooperating with us, the company ensured optimal development and maintenance costs and managed to expand its customer base faster.


Web App to Drive Digital Transformation across Phytotherapeutic Business

Secure custom solutions automate document management, order processing, and warehouse management. The software helps our client drive higher employee efficiency, ensure accurate order fulfillment, and improve customer experiences.


RPM Software with Android Sensors to Increase Care Quality

ScienceSoft’s team developed a sophisticated remote patient monitoring software product with integrated communication tool and intuitive design to improve medical staff performance, avoid routine visits, and increase the quality of care.


Stable and High-Performing Solution for Online Data Analytics

ScienceSoft delivered a website for an education provider, which helped to reduce duplicated data by 5 times and improve the data system’s overall performance and stability.


iOS Telemedicine App for a Mental Health Startup Delivered in 4 Months

ScienceSoft has delivered an MVP of an iOS telehealth application for on-demand mental health services in 4 months. The software covers appointment scheduling, patient-therapist communication, self-management tools for patients, payment module, etc.


Secure ITSM Mobile App Integrating SolarWinds and ServiceNow® Platforms

ScienceSoft developed a Xamarin-based ITSM app and set up custom integrations between ServiceNow and SolarWinds platforms within the app. The solution enables IT support specialists to monitor databases and register incidents on the go, driving faster issue resolution.


Cost-Efficient Development of Web and Mobile Apps for a Car Washing Service

ScienceSoft designed and built a web admin panel and a client-facing mobile app for an automated car wash system. Our advice on creating a cross-platform app with React Native helped reduce project costs while ensuring smooth user experiences on iOS and Android.


Apache NiFi Managed Support to Ensure 99% System Stability and 10x Faster Data Processing

With managed IT support for Apache NiFi that ScienceSoft delivered, the Customer benefited from the overall improvement of their big data ecosystem: big data processing became 10 times faster and the stability increased from 50% up to 99%.