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Providing data warehouse services since 2005, ScienceSoft has been helping companies benefit from enterprise-wide analytics, reporting, and data visualization. Being technology-agnostic, we choose the optimal toolset to meet our customers’ specific needs. Below, we showcase projects where we used MySQL to help our clients process their data up to 10x faster and achieve 99% software stability.

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Crypto Payment API Development for a Leading Provider of Digital Entertainment Solutions

ScienceSoft built custom crypto payment APIs for a leading provider of innovative online entertainment solutions. With ScienceSoft’s help, the company managed to promptly introduce a new payment option and got the opportunity to drive high CSAT and attract new clients worldwide.


Development of Software for Online Bond Portfolio Management

ScienceSoft created an automated service for financial market information provider. The solution provides the financial and investment professionals with a toolkit for tracking their activities with bonds and Eurobonds as well as acquiring reports for successful operating on financial markets, including trade floors, issue parameters, key values, country, industry and sector, bond currency.


Viber Application Development Outsourcing

The success story of 5+ years of cooperation with the Viber startup resulted in the release and evolution of Android and desktop app versions of Viber, a feature-rich VoIP and instant messenger with over a billion registered users.


Development of Remote Patient Monitoring Software

ScienceSoft’s team developed a sophisticated remote patient monitoring software product with integrated communication tool and intuitive design to improve medical staff performance, avoid routine visits, and increase the quality of care.


Online Analytical Application Development

ScienceSoft delivered a website for an education provider, which helped to reduce duplicated data by 5 times and improve the data system’s overall performance and stability.


MVP Development of an iOS Telemedicine App for Mental Health

ScienceSoft has delivered an MVP of an iOS telehealth application for on-demand mental health services in 4 months. The software covers appointment scheduling, patient-therapist communication, self-management tools for patients, payment module, etc.


SolarWinds-ServiceNow® Platform Integration within a Mobile App

ScienceSoft integrated ServiceNow and SolarWinds platforms within one ITSM mobile application allowing users to monitor databases and create SolarWinds-related incidents on-the-go. The application successfully passed a performance test and a third party information security audit.


React Native-based Development of a Web App and Mobile Apps for a Car Washing Service

ScienceSoft leveraged React Native to develop a web admin panel for car wash station attendants and implement Android/iOS client apps that help to order and pay for an automated car wash.


Apache NiFi Managed Support for a Biotechnology Corporation

With managed IT support for Apache NiFi that ScienceSoft delivered, the Customer benefited from the overall improvement of their big data ecosystem: big data processing became 10 times faster and the stability increased from 50% up to 99%.


Development of Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ScienceSoft’s PHP team built a custom ERP system that automated major business processes, secured team communication and enterprise-wide file sharing and coordination, automated workforce management, etc.