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Since 2015, ScienceSoft helps fleet owners and fleet management service providers design and build effective fleet management solutions. We power fleet management apps with robust automation capabilities and advanced technologies like AI/ML, IoT, blockchain, and AR to boost the efficiency of fleet management operations and enable new business models. Our customers report reduced fuel expenses and operational costs, lower accident rates, higher driver retention rates, and revenue growth.

You are welcome to explore ScienceSoft’s featured projects to learn more about our domain-specific competencies and approach to fleet management software development.

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AWS-Based IoT System for Automated Fleet Management

A scalable fleet management system processes real-time data from 26,500+ IoT devices, enabling fleet and shipment condition tracking for 2,000+ businesses worldwide. The new solution helped the Customer cut operational costs and support a growing client base.


Web and iOS/Android Apps for Car Electronics Management

ScienceSoft empowered the Customer with a client-server solution with an interactive web interface and feature-rich mobile application for Android and iOS, which enable user-vehicle communication and allow vehicle owners to track a vehicle's location, start and stop the engine, open and close the doors, and perform other tasks remotely.


Automated Incident Management Software for the Dutch Railway

ScienceSoft team developed a railway emergency solution for the automated alerting software supplier. The system monitors congestions, estimates the possibility of emergency and assists in management of its elimination.


Custom IoT Solution for Automated Truck Temperature Control

ScienceSoft added comprehensive monitoring capabilities to fleet management software to ensure safe cargo delivery without technical failures.


Web-Based Software for Fleet Claim Management Automation

ScienceSoft’s team developed claims management system that included a database, a web application and a scanning solution. The software automated the process of claims registration and processing, offered advanced search and robust KPI reporting.


Azure-Based App for Real-Time Fleet Tracking and Automated Route Optimization

ScienceSoft developed a fleet management solution to keep vehicles regularly maintained, increase fleet efficiency, and decrease operational costs.


Mining Fleet Maintenance Software Compliant with Australian Labor Regulations

ScienceSoft built an asset management solution with enhanced regulatory compliance to reduce fleet and equipment downtime and minimize human error risks.


UX/UI Audit and Code Review of an Android App for Delivery Service Drivers

ScienceSoft conducted a comprehensive UX/UI, code, and architecture audit for a US delivery company with 5,000+ employees. Our team detected 50 usability and code issues and provided detailed reports with valuable remediation insights.