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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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A .NET development company with 19 years of experience, ScienceSoft plans, develops, supports, evolves, and optimizes .NET apps. Our portfolio includes more than 220 large-scale .NET projects by CITA Foundation-certified .NET architects and Microsoft-certified experts. Our project portfolio encompasses enterprise solutions and SaaS/XaaS products for 30+ industries, including ecommerce, BFSI, government sector, and entertainment. Check some of our success stories below.

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Data Analytics System Enabling Cross Analysis of 30,000 Attributes and 100x Faster Reporting

ScienceSoft designed and launched a scalable big data analytics system based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, and Apache Spark. The new solution processes 1,000+ types of advertising data in real time and enables comprehensive analytics for different markets.


Scalable Azure-Based Software Product for vCIO Service Management

ScienceSoft developed a high-performing SaaS vCIO product and consistently delivered new features to ensure seamless user experiences. The Customer capitalized on a faster launch and superior quality of its software.


GAMP4-Compliant Software to Automate Cancer & TPN Drugs Manufacturing

ScienceSoft developed a secure supply chain and manufacturing automation system for a global pharma company with 80+ years of experience. The solution’s modules include medicine production, order processing, stock control, sales, billing, and reporting.


12 Innovative Software Products for a Global Leader in Image Processing

The 4.5-year-long cooperation resulted in 12 software products; 6 of them were built solely by ScienceSoft. One of the products was awarded Best Imaging Application. Our agile development practices helped reduce the time to market for each product by 3–4 months.


Custom Software for End-to-End Loan Management Automation

The software automates loan application processing, underwriting, lending document management, debt collection, and credit reporting. ScienceSoft's advice on the solution design helped the Customer optimize project costs while ensuring high software quality.


Custom Billing Platform for Secure, Scalable and Auditable Ecommerce Payments

A scalable custom platform automates cross-border billing and payment processing for a leading European marketplace. The solution enables quick, easy, and safe billing workflows and offers a lower TCO compared to third-party tools.


The World’s Largest PLM Software for 12K+ Enterprises with $300B in Annual Sales

ScienceSoft delivered product lifecycle management software that helps 12,000 manufacturers and 32 large retailers worldwide communicate faster and improve supply chain transparency. The platform drives the development of products with $300+ billion in annual sales.


10-Year Evolution of Life Sciences Software Products Used by GSK and AstraZeneca

During 10+ years of cooperation, ScienceSoft’s scalable team of 8–29 experts has been involved in the development, customization, testing, and support of several laboratory and analytical software products for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


BI Solution to Control Financial Data Flows and Speed up Reporting by 90%

ScienceSoft suggested the architecture and the technology stack for a BI solution to help a conglomerate get insights from the data generated by its 30+ previously disconnected businesses.


Underwriting Automation Software for a Global Aviation Insurer with $30B in Assets

A custom underwriting system automates risk assessment, insurance pricing, policy administration, task management, and compliance control. The new software helped increase underwriter productivity, minimize the risk of fraud, and reduce IT costs.