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For over a decade, we provide full-cycle inventory software development services to companies in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, energy, construction, and other industries. Inventory solutions we deliver enable robust automation of inventory workflows, offer 100% visibility of inventory levels, drive reduction in inventory purchasing and carrying costs, and help prevent the risks of stock-outs and overstocking.

Explore our featured projects and learn how successful businesses employ custom inventory software by ScienceSoft to digitally transform and upgrade their unique inventory management operations.

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Modernization of a Supply Chain SaaS Product Used by 3,000 Businesses Worldwide

During the four-year cooperation, ScienceSoft’s .NET team helped implement a new SaaS microservices architecture, revamp the solution’s tech stack, and develop new finance features. As a result, the Customer got modern SaaS software faster and at a lower cost.


Inventory Management Software Ready to Go in 3 Weeks

In only 3 weeks, ScienceSoft delivered a ready-to-go inventory management system that enables real-time stock control, provides full visibility of inventory operations, and ensures accurate sales and distribution planning.


RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking to Save up to $155K per Operating Room

ScienceSoft helped develop and test an RFID-based solution for real-time instrument tracking and surgical tray optimization. The pilot studies proved the solution's capability to reduce the number of unused tools, tray weight, operating room setup time, and overall hospital costs.


Machine Vision Model PoC for Surgical Items Detection with 95%+ Accuracy

Within just 3 months, the Customer received a proof of concept for a machine vision model meant to identify and track single-use sterile surgical supplies. Demonstrating high accuracy, the PoC is ready to be presented to investors.


Custom Software for Collaborative Restaurant Inventory Management

A responsive and customizable web application to help bars and restaurants improve their inventory management at all levels. The tool helps restaurant employees effectively track, manage and transfer stock items on the go.


Automated Regression Testing to Speed Up Software Delivery for a Cancer Medication Manufacturer

ScienceSoft’s team accelerated release of a healthcare solution and assisted in delivering a high-quality product by automating regression testing.


Inventory Module for an ERP System to Reduce Procurement Costs

ScienceSoft developed a custom food inventory module for the SaaS ERP used by sports clubs across 40 US states. The new module streamlines food production and sales and helps better plan food inventory, which results in lower procurement costs and minimizes food waste.


Medical Device Tracking Software Design and UI Mock-Ups to Explore a New Market Niche

ScienceSoft designed the architecture and UI mockups for a web medical device tracking app. As a result, the Customer can clearly showcase the logic and interfaces of the future app to its potential clients, capitalizing on effective product promotion and faster sales.


POS-Integrated Software for Retail Chain Store Management Automation

The solution for the chain of beauty stores is a user-friendly application with the access to basic management functionality, regular stock data updates, integration with the CRM, direct marketing, statistics, core retail system and other external services.