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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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A data management company with 34 years of experience, ScienceSoft renders full-scope data management and analytics services for companies across 30+ industries. In the case studies below, you may see examples of how our experts assisted companies in turning their data into a strategic asset and using it to improve their business performance.

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Data Analytics System Enabling Cross Analysis of 30,000 Attributes and 100x Faster Reporting

Migration to a new analytical system that ScienceSoft implemented helped one of the top market research companies secure an innovative big data solution based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, and Apache Spark frameworks. The new system was 100 times faster compared to the old one and could process 1,000 different data formats.


BI Implementation for 200 Healthcare Centers

ScienceSoft created software to help 200 US healthcare centers and retirement homes to process patient and medication data. Solution consists of Java application for management and reporting along with an analytical data warehouse to consolidate information from 200 databases.


Big Data Pet-Tracking App Handling 30,000+ Events per Second

To support a long-term customer in a new service launch, ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution that allowed processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.


Big Data Solution Providing Insights into Customer Behavior across 30+ Dimensions

ScienceSoft’s big data consulting team developed a data analytics platform for a Texas-based telecom company. A technology stack with Apache Kafka and Amazon Redshift at the core enabled insightful regular and ad-hoc reporting, as well as forecasting.


BI Solution to Control Financial Data Flows and Speed up Reporting by 90%

Within 10 months, ScienceSoft designed and implemented a full-scale BI solution that helped a global customer service outsourcing provider streamline financial analytics and automate customer invoicing.


Big Data Solution for a 360-Degree Customer View and Optimized Stock Management

ScienceSoft delivered a centralized data analytics solution that allowed a multibusiness corporation to get a 360-degree customer view, optimize stock management, and assess the employees’ performance.


BI Solution for Phytotherapy Products Life Cycle Analytics with 20+ User-Specific Reports

ScienceSoft developed a full-scale BI solution that allowed a North American producer of phytotherapy products to improve their decision-making due to company-wide analytics and ad-hoc reporting.


Data Analytics Solution for Sales Analysis across 10,500 Stores

A BI tool for a multinational FMCG corporation with more than 200 markets, 1 bn consumers and 60,000 employees all over the world. The solution helped the Customer to distribute 100 SKUs through 10 retail chains and 10,500 stores.


Data Science Solution for Sales Analysis and Forecasting

ScienceSoft supported a leading FMCG manufacturer by delivering science-based sales forecasting and attainable sales targets.


BI Solution for Multidimensional Financial Analytics across 30 Parameters

BI solution delivered by ScienceSoft allowed a US-based international real estate developer to integrate the data from disparate sources and better understand their business with a comprehensive financial analysis.