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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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An IoT services vendor holding Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform, Application Development, Application Integration, Data Platform, Datacenter, Cloud Platform, and Data Analytics Competencies, ScienceSoft creates robust and reliable IoT solutions backing up businesses from a range of industries in their digital transformation journeys. We cover all components of IoT architecture and build IIoT, IoMT, smart city, smart logistics and transportation, and other types of applications.

Find some of our success stories below and don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance if you haven’t found a project similar to yours.

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Big Data Pet-Tracking App Handling 30,000+ Events per Second

To support a long-term customer in a new service launch, ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution that allowed processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.


Physiotherapy Platform Reducing Pain and Unneeded Surgeries

ScienceSoft helped AKLOS Health, an innovative healthcare startup, deliver a wearable-based physiotherapy platform with a mobile app and a web app. The apps use data from Xsens DOT wearable sensors to measure the motion range of patients’ joints and assess the therapy progress.


Planning a Scalable, Multi-Tenant SaaS IoT Platform

ScienceSoft designed an architecture for a SaaS platform that would allow users to quickly set up their own IoT infrastructures without any coding skills.


Scalable IoT Product for Automated Fleet Management

ScienceSoft has built and continues to evolve a custom IoT fleet management solution that supports 2,000+ customers with 26,500+ IoT devices.


RPM Software with Android Sensors to Increase Care Quality

ScienceSoft’s team developed a sophisticated remote patient monitoring software product with integrated communication tool and intuitive design to improve medical staff performance, avoid routine visits, and increase the quality of care.


Smart IoT Solution for Real-Time Construction Health Monitoring

A smart construction monitoring system to ensure uninterrupted control over complex engineering objects. Collecting and processing specific parameters through physical and virtual sensors automatically, the tool immediately informs the operator about construction defects in real time to guarantee increased security.


Connected Car Apps for a Global Provider of Automotive IoT Solutions

ScienceSoft’s iOS and Android developers joined the Customer’s mobile development team, onboarded within a week, and have been helping to customize and evolve clients’ versions of connected car apps for over 5 years so far.


IoT Solution for Real-Time Energy Generation and Usage Monitoring Delivered in Just 5 Months

Within just 5 months, ScienceSoft designed and delivered an IoT-based MVP for monitoring energy generation and consumption. The MVP's functionality covered real-time data aggregation, processing, analytics, and visualization.


RFID Patient and Staff Tracking Consulting for a Behavioral Health Network

ScienceSoft’s team designed a concept of an RFID-based patient and staff tracking IoT solution for a chain of behavioral health facilities.


RFID Surgical Instrument Tracking to Save up to $155K per Operating Room

ScienceSoft helped develop and test an RFID-based solution for real-time instrument tracking and surgical tray optimization. The pilot studies proved the solution's capability to reduce the number of unused tools, tray weight, operating room setup time, and overall hospital costs.