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An IoT services vendor holding Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform, Application Development, Appliction Integration, Data Platform, Datacenter, Cloud Platform, and Data Analytics Competencies, ScienceSoft creates robust and reliable IoT solutions backing up businesses from a range of industries in their digital transformation journeys. We cover all components of IoT architecture and build IIoT, IoMT, smart city, smart logistics and transportation, and other types of applications.

Find some of our success stories below and don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance if you haven’t found a project similar to yours.

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Development of a Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers

To support a long-term customer in a new service launch, ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution that allowed processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.


Consulting for SaaS IoT Platform

ScienceSoft designed an architecture for the SaaS IoT platform that would allow users to create a digital platform for their IoT infrastructure automatically.


Development of an IoT Solution for Construction Health Monitoring

A smart construction monitoring system to ensure uninterrupted control over complex engineering objects. Collecting and processing specific parameters through physical and virtual sensors automatically, the tool immediately informs the operator about construction defects in real time to guarantee increased security.


Development of a Mobile App for Smart Home Control

We took part in elaborating functionality for the Android app designed to remotely control indoor temperature and water temperature as well as to provide all-day-round surveillance with cameras and motion/CO2 detectors.


Development of a Mobile Baby Care App for a Smart Baby Care System

ScienceSoft developed an app for iOS and Android according to the concept and specification of a smart baby care system created by ScienceSoft’s business analysis team. The app connects to the Customer’s smart baby care devices allowing remote control and automatic data collection.


Development of a Car Electronics Management Application

ScienceSoft empowered the Customer with a client-server solution with an interactive web interface and feature-rich mobile application for Android and iOS, which enable user-vehicle communication and allow vehicle owners to track a vehicle's location, start and stop the engine, open and close the doors, and perform other tasks remotely.


IoT Consulting and IoT PaaS Design for an IT Services Provider

ScienceSoft provided consultancy on developing IoT PaaS, having elicited the detailed requirements to software and designed the architecture of PaaS that would enable users to quickly build IIoT applications.


IoT Consulting for a Chain of Behavioral Health Facilities

ScienceSoft’s team designed a concept of an RFID-based patient and staff tracking IoT solution for a chain of behavioral health facilities.


Development of a Truck Temperature Monitoring Solution

ScienceSoft added comprehensive monitoring capabilities to fleet management software to ensure safe cargo delivery without technical failures.


Development of Remote Patient Monitoring Software

ScienceSoft’s team developed a sophisticated remote patient monitoring software product with integrated communication tool and intuitive design to improve medical staff performance, avoid routine visits, and increase the quality of care.