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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Crypto Wallet Integration with NEAR Protocol for CoolBitX

ScienceSoft designed and implemented SDK to extend the cross-chain interoperability of the hardware cryptocurrency wallet trusted by 300,000+ crypto asset owners worldwide and better align the product with user needs.


New Features for Medical Imaging SaMD Driving x3 User Growth

ScienceSoft helped develop and test a demo for radiographic image analysis software for a top global provider of AI-driven medical imaging solutions. With the new functionality, the web demo is widely used at international conferences and as an interactive marketing material for potential clients, helping the Customer showcase the groundbreaking value of its product and attract the interest of radiologists and clinicians across the world.


Development of a Custom Fleet Management System

ScienceSoft has built and continues to evolve a custom IoT fleet management solution that supports 2,000+ customers with 26,500+ IoT devices.


Development of 3D Virtual Online Store

In a virtual online store created by ScienceSoft, shoppers can walk around store shelves in 3D space, browse and zoom any product in.


Development of a Facial Recognition Application for Retail

A strategic solution to help retailers track customers by scanning and identifying faces. Now, for marketing purposes, businesses can gather and analyze information about consumers as well as detect potential criminals.


Development of a Retail App with GPS and AR Functionality

ScienceSoft’s team developed retail mobile software with GPS-based parking guide feature, AR-enhanced navigation map, and smart marketing campaign functionality.


Performance Testing of a Digital Ticketing Software

ScienceSoft conducted performance testing of a digital ticketing software for an Australian concert venue owner, detected the peak load the software can handle, and helped the Customer ensure its stability under continuous load.


Team Augmentation for a Provider of AI-Powered Medical Imaging Solutions

ScienceSoft helped a global provider of AI-powered healthcare imaging solutions introduce a new image generation module and ensure its GDPR, ISO 13485, and IEC 62304 compliance in just three months.