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Covering every major advanced technology domain, we give special attention to the rapidly evolving field of blockchain. ScienceSoft powers enterprises, blockchain startups, and software product companies with innovative blockchain solutions to help them gain a competitive edge in the market and promptly generate revenue. We design and develop blockchain solutions of various complexity for fast, secure, cost-effective, and 100% transparent transactions. We also offer blockchain consulting, blockchain integration (incl. cross-chain integration), quality assurance, support, and evolution of blockchain apps.

Check some of our selected success stories below to learn about our experience in custom blockchain development for various industries.

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Private Blockchain for Complete Traceability of the Multi-Tier Supply Chain

In only 3 months, ScienceSoft delivered an MVP of a secure blockchain network built on Hyperledger Fabric. The solution provides full traceability of multi-party supply chain transactions, enabling supply chain participants to easily verify the authenticity of goods.


Secure Crypto Payment APIs for the World's Leading Digital Entertainment Platform

In 8 months, ScienceSoft delivered ready-to-deploy source code and comprehensive technical documentation for custom Litecoin and Bitcoin APIs. With the new APIs, the Customer was able to introduce crypto payments for its clients promptly and with minimal risks.


Crypto Wallet Integration with NEAR Protocol for CoolBitX

In only 8 weeks, ScienceSoft delivered an SDK to integrate a hardware crypto wallet trusted by 300,000+ users worldwide with NEAR Protocol. By quickly introducing support for the NEAR coin, CoolBitX managed to drive higher CSAT with its product.


Rapid Front-End Development for a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

ScienceSoft reinforced the Customer’s blockchain team to deliver the front end of a cross-platform Bitcoin wallet. By partnering with us, the company accessed the needed skills in 5 days and managed to speed up the wallet launch.


Secure and Engaging NFT Portal Launched in 12 Weeks

ScienceSoft developed a client-facing NFT portal for a crypto startup delivering gamified NFT trading solutions. As a result, the startup managed to bring its NFT offer to the market faster and at an optimal cost while ensuring high user engagement and retention.


NFT Marketplace Consulting to Reduce Time to Market

ScienceSoft delivered a business case and technical design for an NFT marketplace and built an interactive prototype to test the platform’s usability. With our assistance, the Customer quickly proved the feasibility of its idea and confidently moved to development.


Implementation Plan and Technical Design for a Gamified NFT Product

In only 6 weeks, the Customer got a clear functional concept and a detailed implementation plan for its NFT platform. Our advice on the optimal platform design, tech stack, and development team composition ensured a smooth, quick, and cost-effective platform launch.


IT Consulting to Optimize the TCO of Blockchain-Based Agricultural Product Marketplace

ScienceSoft helped an agricultural product wholesaler design a blockchain-based marketplace. In only 4 weeks, the Customer received an optimal technical design for the solution and a detailed roadmap to risk-free implementation.


Crypto Wallet Consulting to Drive 12x Development Cost Reduction

In just 4 weeks, Secure-DeFi received a clear crypto wallet concept, a technical requirements specification, and a detailed development project plan. ScienceSoft’s expert advice ensured a smooth and cost-effective development process with minimized risks.


Secure and Convenient DeFi Portal Launched in 4 Months

ScienceSoft built a customer portal for Secure-DeFi, a fintech startup focused on crypto solutions. Our Agile practices ensured a quick portal launch, which helped the Customer present its DeFi offer to potential clients faster and facilitate product promotion.