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Development of StreamServe Invoice Management Software for Mobile Operator with 5 mln Clients

A case study of delivering a tailored StreamServe-based invoice management solution for the 5-million subscriber telecom provider.


StreamServe Enterprise Communication Software Development for 1,500+ Store Retail Company

Backed by a 7-year expertise in the StreamServe technology, ScienceSoft helped a 1,500+ store retailer consolidate document processing into a single solution that simplifies the company’s internal communication.


Development of StreamServe Document Management Software for an Insurance Company

ScienceSoft’s StreamServe-based solution improved communication between the pension insurance company and its 900,000 customers. The Customer got access to more efficient and convenient tools for preparing, printing and archiving documents.


Debtor Management Software Development for Mobile Operator

ScienceSoft developed a StreamServe-based solution to help a telecom company manage communication with debtors.


Development of StreamServe Document Management Software for a Wholesale Company

ScienceSoft’s specialists developed a StreamServe-based solution for a wholesale and logistics company. This solution improves document processing and ensures preparation of ~2,500 pages or ~1,200 document batches per month for printing and distribution purposes.