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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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In SCM software development since 2012, ScienceSoft helps companies from all industries design and build robust supply chain solutions closely bound to their unique needs. We have experience in delivering software for a rich variety of SCM domains, from procurement to transportation management to inventory planning and control. SCM systems and apps we create leverage the leading Supply Chain 4.0 techs like cloud, AI/ML, IoT, big data, blockchain, and AR to innovate SCM operations and drive significant improvements across the supply chain workflows.

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GAMP4-Compliant Software to Automate Cancer & TPN Drugs Manufacturing

The GAMP4-compliant software for a multinational pharmaceutical company with 80+ years of experience and $15+ bln revenue. The system covers medicine ordering and production, stock control, sales, reporting, and billing.


Private Blockchain for Complete Traceability of the Multi-Tier Supply Chain

ScienceSoft implemented a private blockchain system with the help of Hyperledger Fabric to allow manufacturers, distributors, and stores to trace goods and verify their authenticity at each stage of the supply chain.


Web App to Drive Digital Transformation across Phytotherapeutic Business

ScienceSoft automated paper-based document management, order and warehouse management workflows with custom software solutions. The delivered solutions have largely catalyzed customer experience optimization.


1-Year-Long Team Augmentation for Ecommerce Fulfillment Software Development

For 1+ year, ScienceSoft’s developers have been working with a 3PL software provider to develop their self-service portal and warehouse management system.


Supply Chain E-Collaboration Software for a 1,700-Store Retailer Auchan

ScienceSoft helped to deliver an e-collaboration retail platform on Oracle for Auchan to bring together buyers and vendors for optimized supply chain management with lower OOS.


Inventory Management Software Ready to Go in 3 Weeks

To meet the tightest deadline, in 3 weeks, ScienceSoft’s team delivered a ready-to-go inventory management solution for the medicinal herbs tracking. The system was tightly integrated with the scale hardware and thoughtfully designed for the convenience of field employees.


Dynamic WMS Prototype for Effective Warehouse Automation

ScienceSoft provided consulting on custom WMS development for a multi-channel ecommerce fulfillment and logistics services company. With ScienceSoft's expert help, the Customer received a custom WMS design, an interactive prototype, and a detailed project plan in 8 weeks.


IT Consulting to Optimize the TCO of Blockchain-Based Agricultural Product Marketplace

ScienceSoft helped an agricultural product wholesaler design a blockchain-based marketplace. In only 4 weeks, the Customer received an optimal technical design for the solution and a detailed roadmap to risk-free implementation.


SRM Software and Project Management Consulting to Speed Up Development and Optimize Costs

ScienceSoft provided software and project management consulting for a US-based company offering supply chain management services and digital solutions for manufacturing. The Customer got an opportunity to improve its SRM software development processes, ensure superior product quality, and optimize costs.


Pentesting of a Supply Chain Management Portal and Mobile Apps for a UK Company

ScienceSoft’s security testing team conducted black box penetration testing for a UK fintech company to assess the security level of the Customer’s supply chain management portal and complementing mobile apps for Android and iOS.