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Ecommerce Fulfillment Software Development for 3PL Companies

For 1+ year, ScienceSoft’s developers have been working with a 3PL software provider to develop their self-service portal and warehouse management system.


Development of Supply Chain E-Collaboration Network for 1,700-Store Retailer Auchan

ScienceSoft helped to deliver an e-collaboration retail platform on Oracle for Auchan to bring together buyers and vendors for optimized supply chain management with lower OOS.


Consulting on Custom WMS Development for an Ecommerce Fulfillment Company

ScienceSoft provided consulting on custom WMS development for a multi-channel ecommerce fulfillment and logistics services company. With ScienceSoft's expert help, the Customer received a custom WMS design, an interactive prototype, and a detailed project plan in 8 weeks.


Pentesting of a Supply Chain Management Portal and Mobile Apps for a UK Company

ScienceSoft’s security testing team conducted black box penetration testing for a UK fintech company to assess the security level of the Customer’s supply chain management portal and complementing mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Development of a Field Service Android App for Delivery Truck Drivers

ScienceSoft redesigns and continuously evolves the application the Customer’s Android app for delivery truck drivers, following the insightful UI/UX and code audit.


Shipping Services Marketplace Development for Deyarat Trading Co

ScienceSoft helped Deyarat Trading Co, an established KSA supplier of tech systems and equipment, promptly release the shipping services marketplace and optimize project cost.


Development of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Software

ScienceSoft implemented a private blockchain system with the help of Hyperledger Fabric to allow manufacturers, distributors, and stores to trace goods and verify their authenticity at each stage of the supply chain.


ServiceNow® Application Development for Supplier Performance Analysis

ScienceSoft helped a London-based IT consulting company make a ServiceNow app for supplier performance analysis that sheds light on the way it influences businesses. With our team’s help, the application got up and running and was certified by ServiceNow to be available on ServiceNow Store.