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Since 2014, ScienceSoft helps clients with the end-to-end DevOps strategy – from initial value assessment to process implementation and management. Our expert DevOps team includes AWS Certified SysOps Administrators, Red Hat Certified System Administrators (RHCSA), and Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP).

Get inspired by selected success stories when ScienceSoft helped enterprises and software development agencies implement continuous integration, continuous delivery, IT infrastructure automation and containerization, test automation and monitoring with DevOps tools and practices.

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CI/CD Implementation for a Smart Retail Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft implemented CI/CD pipelines compatible with multiple clouds to automate the development cycle of a content management system for a digital signage product of a North American startup.


Automated Testing for Insurance Estimation Software of a Worldwide Insurance Company

ScienceSoft performed automated testing of business-critical software for an international company providing insurance solutions and services. The test automation team managed to keep up with short test cycles while preserving high software quality. They successfully addressed the technical complexity of the microservices environment, testing in parallel with development and performed testing for complex application operations and large datasets.


Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance and Support for a European SaaS Provider

A SaaS provider with a cloud park of 300 servers needed help with improving their infrastructure as well as creating new services. Our DevOps offered a new, cost-effective solution by consolidating the existing servers with the help of VMware and provided consultations on how to increase scalability and performance.


Modernization of Math Training Applications for Children

ScienceSoft’s team performed modernization of math training applications for children, which resulted in the apps’ improved performance, enhanced functionality, and reduced maintenance costs.


Rapid Team Augmentation with .NET and Azure Professionals for Yager Development

ScienceSoft's senior-level .NET and Azure professionals helped a well-known video game development studio to perfect scalability and performance of its new MMO game.


Software Development for Surgical Instrument Tracking

ScienceSoft helped develop and test an RFID-based solution for real-time instrument tracking and surgical tray optimization. The pilot studies proved the solution's capability to reduce the number of unused tools, tray weight, operating room setup time, and overall hospital costs.


24/7 Linux Administration by DevOps Team for a US Hosting Provider

ScienceSoft team of DevOps engineers pitched in to provide a 24/7 Linux administration for a US hosting platform provider that serves AMD, HTC, SoundCloud, Foursquare and others. The team not only configured the environment, but also wrote scripts and code to automate the process and ensure high-level security.


DevOps Services for a European Hypermarket Chain

ScienceSoft's team provided server and database maintenance for a hypermarket chain with 50,000 employees. Our DevOps engineers automated the server management tasks like cache and log clearing, system log cleaning, notifications, and more.


DevOps Implementation for a Retail and Hospitality Company

ScienceSoft successfully introduced the DevOps approach and implemented CI/CD pipeline to manage the IT infrastructure of a US multi-industry enterprise with a core business in retail.


Software Test Automation Set Up for Verifying Website Changes

ScienceSoft set up a test automation process and helped the Customer reduce testing efforts and decrease the number of UI problems reported by website users by 30%.