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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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A vendor with 34 years in data analysis and data science, ScienceSoft has been rendering a full range of data analytics services to satisfy diverse needs of our customers. In the case studies below, you may see the examples of how our best practices help companies make data-driven decisions and improve their business performance.

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Data Analytics System Enabling Cross Analysis of 30,000 Attributes and 100x Faster Reporting

ScienceSoft designed and launched a scalable big data analytics system based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, and Apache Spark. The new solution processes 1,000+ types of advertising data in real time and enables comprehensive analytics for different markets.


BI Implementation for 200 Healthcare Centers

A scalable BI solution featuring a data warehouse to securely consolidate patient, medication, financial, inventory, and marketing data from 200 databases. The solution is backed by a Java application to deliver prompt analytics reports.


Big Data Pet-Tracking App Handling 30,000+ Events per Second

The app helps pet owners see where their pets are, get instant notifications if their pet leaves a secure territory, and even speak to them. The solution processes data from 1 million devices, and its architecture is designed to easily accommodate user growth.


Big Data Solution Providing Insights into Customer Behavior across 30+ Dimensions

A scalable analytics system with Apache Kafka and Amazon Redshift at its core enables real-time customer analytics, data-driven forecasting, and automated reporting. ScienceSoft’s advice on the efficient analytics toolkit helped reduce system maintenance costs by 80%.


BI Consulting to Consolidate Data of 30+ Businesses for Conglomerate-Wide Analytics

ScienceSoft architected a multi-entity data analytics solution comprising ESB, ETL, a data warehouse, an advanced analytics module, and a BI module. The Customer got a detailed report on the most feasible tech stack choices with cost estimates for each option.


Big Data Solution for a 360-Degree Customer View and Optimized Stock Management

ScienceSoft delivered a centralized data analytics solution that allowed a multibusiness corporation to get a 360-degree customer view, optimize stock management, and assess the employees’ performance.


Portfolio Management and Trading Automation Software Powered by Data Science

ScienceSoft developed a fully featured algorithmic trading solution with custom predictive and prescriptive analytics models at its core. The software provides data-driven guidance on security investments for NASDAQ and AMEX traders and automates trading execution.


BI Solution for Phytotherapy Products Life Cycle Analytics with 20+ User-Specific Reports

ScienceSoft developed a full-scale BI solution that allowed a producer of phytotherapy products to improve its decision-making due to company-wide analytics and ad-hoc reporting.


Data Analytics Solution for Sales Analysis across 10,500 Stores

A BI tool for a multinational FMCG corporation with more than 200 markets, 1 billion consumers and 60,000 employees worldwide. The solution helped the Customer distribute 100 SKUs across 10 retail chains and 10,500 stores.


Data Science Solution for Sales Analysis and Forecasting

ScienceSoft supported a leading FMCG manufacturer by delivering science-based sales forecasting and attainable sales targets.