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CI/CD Implementation for a Smart Retail Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft implemented CI/CD pipelines compatible with multiple clouds to automate the development cycle of a content management system for a digital signage product of a North American startup.


Development of a Kiosk Solution for In-store Audio Product Check

To help an audio equipment manufacturer increase in-store sales, ScienceSoft developed a kiosk solution, consisting of an Android app for tablets, a master control computer on Raspberry Pi, and a cloud-based web application.


Development of a Web Application for Managing AR Content in a Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft developed a web application for managing AR content in a digital signage solution. The web app has different functionality for two business roles: the Customer’s high-level administration and custom content design by the Customer’s clients.


Team Augmentation (Go, Node.js, Python, React) for the Development of a Kiosk and PWA Solution

ScienceSoft’s back-end (Go, Node.js) and front-end (React) developers joined the Customer’s team and worked on the implementation of a kiosk and PWA solution for self-service stations that let people borrow e-scooters, chargers, and batteries.


Development of a Unity 3D Plugin for an AR Content Creation App in a Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft developed a Unity 3D software plugin for AR content creation in a RealSense-based digital signage solution. The plugin allows for easy AR content customization by content designers.