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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Digital signage software built by ScienceSoft helps businesses increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, and reduce information desk service costs. Each solution we create is unique and introduces powerful digital signage features tailored to each client’s specific content presentation needs.

Discover our featured projects and learn about our domain-relevant skills and approach to developing state-of-the-art digital signage solutions.

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CI/CD Implementation for a Smart Retail Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft implemented CI/CD pipelines compatible with multiple clouds to automate the development cycle of a content management system for a digital signage product of a North American startup.


Development of a Kiosk Solution for In-store Audio Product Check

To help an audio equipment manufacturer increase in-store sales, ScienceSoft developed a kiosk solution, consisting of an Android app for tablets, a master control computer on Raspberry Pi, and a cloud-based web application.


Development of a Web Application for Managing AR Content in a Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft developed a web application for managing AR content in a digital signage solution. The web app has different functionality for two business roles: the Customer’s high-level administration and custom content design by the Customer’s clients.


Team Augmentation (Go, Node.js, Python, React) for the Development of a Kiosk and PWA Solution

ScienceSoft’s back-end (Go, Node.js) and front-end (React) developers joined the Customer’s team and worked on the implementation of a kiosk and PWA solution for self-service stations that let people borrow e-scooters, chargers, and batteries.


Development of a Unity 3D Plugin for an AR Content Creation App in a Digital Signage Solution

ScienceSoft developed a Unity 3D software plugin for AR content creation in a RealSense-based digital signage solution. The plugin allows for easy AR content customization by content designers.