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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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The success stories we share below testify ScienceSoft’s expertise in developing custom image analysis software. The solutions we implement are tailored to the specific needs of our customers and address a wide range of image processing tasks, including facial and emotion recognition, quality control and damage assessment, computer-aided diagnosing, optical character recognition, and others. Look through our projects and don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance if you haven’t found a project similar to yours.

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Image Analysis Software for Automated Optical Inspections

ScienceSoft creates industrial image analysis software for automated optical inspection of printed circuit assemblies. The application based on machine vision techniques can significantly enhance the PCA manufacturing workflow, saving the time and ensuring the highest quality standards are met.


Real-Time LED Display Monitoring Software for the World’s LED Industry Leader

ScienceSoft developed a cross-platform application for Linux and Windows for real-time video monitoring, error detection and notification that allows the Customer to instantly identify problems with showing advertisements on their LED displays.


New Features for Medical Imaging SaMD Driving 3x User Growth

ScienceSoft helped develop and test a demo for radiographic image analysis software for a top global provider of AI-driven medical imaging solutions. With the new functionality, the web demo is widely used at international conferences and as an interactive marketing material for potential clients, helping the Customer showcase the groundbreaking value of its product and attract the interest of radiologists and clinicians across the world.


Image Recognition Mobile App for Luxury Vehicle Services

ScienceSoft delivered an image recognition solution that allowed a luxury vehicles manufacturer to speed up user registration in the customer service system by 10 times.


Revamp and 10-Year Support for Advertising Software Powered with AR and Machine Learning

ScienceSoft revamped real-time video rendering processes and the AR/ML algorithms at the core of the Customer's products, which enable dynamic augmentation of live sport broadcasts with customized virtual ads.


Image Recognition Solution Identifying Polyurethane Film Defects in Real Time

ScienceSoft empowered a leading petrochemical company with image recognition software for improving quality control at a company’s PU film manufacturing division and detecting film defects in real time.


Full-cycle Testing of Two Image Processing Applications for a Global Digital Imaging Leader

ScienceSoft’s testing team provided comprehensive testing of 2 image processing desktop applications for a European product company delivering powerful image processing software for professional photographers, amateurs and manufacturers of photography equipment.


Testing of a Video Streaming Application for an International TV Everywhere Service Provider

ScienceSoft tested an application for an international TV Everywhere provider powering major broadcasting companies throughout Europe and the USA.


Facial Recognition App to Enable Retail Service Personalization

A strategic solution to help retailers track customers by scanning and identifying faces. Now, for marketing purposes, businesses can gather and analyze information about consumers as well as detect potential criminals.


Image Recognition Solution to Reduce O&G Equipment Downtime and Lower Maintenance Costs

ScienceSoft empowered a leading oil drilling equipment manufacturer with the defect-recognition application for detecting drill bit defects and performing drill bit wear analysis.