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Hallmark Success Stories of Our 3,000-Project Portfolio

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The success stories we share below testify our competence in ensuring the well-rounded protection of our customers’ IT infrastructures. An IBM Partner with 17 years of experience in cybersecurity, we care about all components of our customers’ IT environments and provide a full range of cybersecurity services, from information security consulting to application, network, and infrastructure security services. Look through our projects and don’t hesitate to turn to us for assistance if you haven’t found a project similar to yours.

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IBM Security QRadar SIEM Implementation for 70+ US State Agencies

ScienceSoft implemented and customized IBM Security QRadar SIEM for one of the US states' government. The solution enabled permanent collection and analysis of events coming from log sources of more than 70 state agencies.


IT Infrastructure Security Testing for an Asian Retail Bank

ScienceSoft tested the security of the bank’s network and digital channels and provided a detailed remediation plan to mitigate the uncovered vulnerabilities.


Implementation of QLean for QRadar for a Major North American Bank

ScienceSoft implemented its proprietary QRadar tool QLean for a bank with 15+ mln clients and an extensive IT network.


Phase 2 IBM Security QRadar SIEM Implementation for a Top 30 US Bank

ScienceSoft adjusted IBM Security QRadar SIEM to a Top 30 American bank’s network with new log sources and more precise offence detection.


IBM Security QRadar SIEM Implementation for a Top 30 US Bank

ScienceSoft fine-tuned IBM QRadar SIEM for an American bank with more than $100 bn in total assets, adapting the solution to the Customer’s infrastructure, improving QRadar’s operability and performance.


IBM Security QRadar SIEM Implementation for a European Bank

A success story of helping a bank with $13.3 bn in total assets monitor and analyze over 1,000 security events per second throughout multiple bank's systems. ScienceSoft team of information security experts extended the out-of-the-box functionaly of IBM's first-class Security QRadar SIEM technology to ensure automated real-time monitoring across more than 44 bank's locations.


Software Development Outsourcing for IBM/Consul

ScienceSoft was an outsourcing partner of IBM/Consul for the development of security audit software for enterprises and introduced a number of process improvements to speed up the project and reduce development efforts.


IBM Security QRadar SIEM Design and Implementation for an Asian Bank

ScienceSoft’s SIEM consultant provided design and implementation of QRadar system to enhance the Customer’s security posture.


QRadar Performance Optimization with QLean for an Electric System Operator

Having purchased two IBM® Security QRadar solutions, the Customer decided to enhance it with ScienceSoft’s proprietary tool helping to optimize QRadar performance and detect its deviations


QRadar Deployment and Fine-tuning for a European Bank

ScienceSoft accomplished a large-scale deployment and fine-tuning of QRadar solution with 140 connected log sources.