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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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For 13 years, ScienceSoft provides comprehensive ServiceNow services, ranging from implementation and customization to testing and support of implemented solutions. As a Premier ServiceNow partner, we help companies gain the full potential of ServiceNow products, such as IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, and Business Management.

Take a look at our prominent ServiceNow case studies to learn how ServiceNow may improve your business coordination, reduce IT operation costs, and better align your IT with your business. If you haven’t found a ServiceNow case study that corresponds to your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we’re willing to help.

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ServiceNow® Platform to Standardize IT Service Management for all Departments across 60+ Countries

ScienceSoft came up with a ServiceNow solution for a more consistent coordination of efforts across regional IT departments and overall ITSM automation, while preserving the Customer’s workflows.


Migrating BMC-Based ITSM with 20 Integrations to ServiceNow® Platform

ScienceSoft built a custom integration app that enabled an IT company to smoothly migrate existing integrations with its clients’ ITSM solutions to the new ServiceNow® ITSM system. The app’s reusable logic helped reduce the cost and timelines for 50+ new integrations.


ServiceNow® Portal Development for Biomaterial Usage Regulation

ScienceSoft developed a ServiceNow-based solution for a governmental institution to manage the utilization of human biological material. The solution combined a ServiceNow portal and a custom internal operations app to help the Customer process biological sample inquiries faster and stay in line with respective legislative acts.


ServiceNow Consulting and Integration for a 17,000-Employee Construction and Engineering Enterprise

ScienceSoft designed and implemented custom integrations to connect the enterprise’s ITSM solution with an outsourced IT support provider’s ServiceNow ITSM system. Our advice on the optimal ticket processing flows ensured quick and transparent issue resolution.


Secure ITSM Mobile App Integrating SolarWinds and ServiceNow® Platforms

ScienceSoft developed a Xamarin-based ITSM app and set up custom integrations between ServiceNow and SolarWinds platforms within the app. The solution enables IT support specialists to monitor databases and register incidents on the go, driving faster issue resolution.


ServiceNow® Software Evolution and Support for a European Bank with 40,000+ Staff

ScienceSoft provides ServiceNow continuous delivery to a European bank employing 40,000+ staff to make sure the bank uses a system that completely fulfills their needs. As part of the project, ScienceSoft executed various tasks, for example, performed ServiceNow integrations, created an interface for firewall rule requests and changed the process of reporting incidents.


ServiceNow® Service Catalog Configuration for a Logistics Enterprise

ScienceSoft helped the Customer to configure their Service Catalog, which enabled their employees to make requests concerning financial operations, equipment and access rights to needed hardware, software and information resources. Our ServiceNow team set up appropriate workflows to manage the requests properly and created custom functionality for complex service orders.


Proprietary, ServiceNow® Certified App for Supplier Performance Monitoring

ScienceSoft helped a London-based IT consulting company make a ServiceNow app for supplier performance analysis that sheds light on the way it influences businesses. With our team’s help, the application got up and running and was certified by ServiceNow to be available on ServiceNow Store.


ServiceNow® Platform Active Directory Integration for Single Sign-On

ScienceSoft helped the Customer to achieve the needed level of user convenience while working with ServiceNow by performing its integrations with Active Directory and HP UCMDB. ScienceSoft added ServiceNow to the Customer’s single sign-on system and enabled their employees to work with HP UCMDB configuration items in ServiceNow.