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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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Since 2007, ScienceSoft implements effective intranet solutions that help companies support their digital teamwork efforts, deliver better employee experience, and nurture corporate culture. In our projects, we create custom intranet portals with capabilities tailored to each client’s unique needs, as well as help organizations build and customize platform-based intranet solutions (e.g., SharePoint intranet) at minimal cost. Our ample expertise in SharePoint intranets has been recognized by Microsoft.

Discover ScienceSoft’s featured success stories to understand our intranet competencies and our approach to implementing industry-specific intranets.

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SharePoint Intranet for Effective Cross-Departmental Collaboration in a 45,000-Employee Bank

A corporate-wide Intranet solution for a Canadian full-service commercial bank to facilitate collaboration between departments. The solution provides tools for sharing documents and storing corporate knowledge base and also encourages internal communication to streamline business processes across all bank levels.


SharePoint Intranet Upgrade for Improved Usability and Navigation

ScienceSoft improved the visual design, navigation and international employee directory in the SharePoint intranet of a healthcare organization.


Intranet Development to Formalize Work Processes and Nurture Corporate Culture

ScienceSoft built a SharePoint intranet that helped streamline document management, formalize business workflows with process map management, improved employee collaboration, communication and social engagement.


SharePoint HR System and Intranet to Improve Corporate Culture and Employee Experience

ScienceSoft helped a mortgage consulting company automate the processes of recruiting, onboarding, employee performance management, as well as upgraded its employee intranet with custom user profiles.


Bilingual Employee Portal to Streamline Formal and Informal Team Collaboration

Experienced in providing SharePoint migration services, ScienceSoft’s specialists implemented an employee portal of an international telecom and media company in Office 365.


Employee Portal to Manage Corporate Social Activity

ScienceSoft delivered an HR portal balanced in business and social features for a Canadian construction company. The portal streamlines the work of HR and other departments and increases employee engagement due to diverse social features.


Intranet Migration to SharePoint to Reduce Maintenance Costs

ScienceSoft created a bilingual SharePoint-based intranet that helped the Customer reduce the intranet maintenance costs. The new intranet streamlined employee working activities and collaboration and encouraged social engagement.


Redesigning SharePoint Intranet for Brand Consistency and Usability

ScienceSoft improved the usability of a logistics company’s SharePoint intranet and aligned its UI with the customer’s brand book.


SharePoint Intranet Improvement to Boost User Engagement

ScienceSoft upgraded the Customer’s intranet with diverse social and business features, which made it more engaging and easy-to-use and increased its adoption among the company’s employees.


SharePoint Intranet Integrated with Learning Platform for Employee Collaboration and Training

ScienceSoft implemented a SharePoint Online intranet rich both in business and social features and integrated it with the Customer’s in-house learning platform.