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Selected Success Stories from Our 3,600-Project Portfolio

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ScienceSoft accumulates the experience gained from 3,600+ projects to provide comprehensive digital transformation services, from strategic planning to implementation. We help companies in 30+ industries adopt new technology wisely and reach the highest ROI.

Explore our success stories below and feel free to contact us to learn more about DT's potential for your specific business area. Let’s talk!

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Custom Application Development to Drive Digital Transformation across Phytotherapeutic Business

ScienceSoft automated paper-based document management, order and warehouse management workflows with custom software solutions. The delivered solutions have largely catalyzed customer experience optimization.


CRM Development for a Retail Bank with 7 mln Clients

Backed by a 7-year expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, ScienceSoft joined the project to help the Customer create a CRM system for a bank with 7 million clients. Our team developed three modules: customer base management, sales activities planning and advanced analytics.


IT Consulting for Enterprise Application Integration for a Multi-Industry Corporation

The Customer’s operational data was spread across multiple CRMs, ERPs, POSs and ecommerce solutions, supply chain management systems, etc. ScienceSoft’s team prepares four comprehensively described and assessed scenarios to tackle the challenge of disintegrated data. The suggested integration solutions allowed for having clean, accurate and consistent data, timely available and moved safely across different systems, as well as supported the company’s growth and scalability.


Development of Software for Defect Recognition in Polyurethane Film

ScienceSoft empowered a leading petrochemical company with image recognition software for improving quality control at a company’s PU film manufacturing division and detecting film defects in real time.


Development of Supply Chain E-Collaboration Network for 1,700-Store Retailer Auchan

ScienceSoft helped to deliver an e-collaboration retail platform on Oracle for Auchan to bring together buyers and vendors for optimized supply chain management with lower OOS.


Data Science Implementation for Sales Analysis and Forecasting

ScienceSoft supported a leading FMCG manufacturer by delivering science-based sales forecasting and attainable sales targets.


Development of an IoT Solution for Construction Health Monitoring

A smart construction monitoring system to ensure uninterrupted control over complex engineering objects. Collecting and processing specific parameters through physical and virtual sensors automatically, the tool immediately informs the operator about construction defects in real time to guarantee increased security.


Development of Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ScienceSoft’s PHP team built a custom ERP system that automated major business processes, secured team communication and enterprise-wide file sharing and coordination, automated workforce management, etc.


Implementation of Enterprise Collaboration Software

ScienceSoft’s team created a solution that helped the Customer integrate and optimize internal processes of the two companies after acquisition.


Migration of Medical Enterprise Management Software to Java and JavaScript

ScienceSoft’s team performed migration of the legacy enterprise management system from PHP and Flash to Java and JavaScript for a US-based provider of mobile medical imaging services.