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Over 15 years, we provide CRM consulting services to both B2C and B2B customers in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking, telecom, and other industries. We help companies achieve higher customer acquisition, conversion, and retention rates and gain a tangible revenue increase with the leading CRM platforms - Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

Take a look at our CRM case studies below and learn how successful businesses employ CRM functionality. If you need help at any stage of your CRM journey – from analyzing your current CRM problems, to implementing a new solution and user training we’re at your service.

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Dynamics CRM Implementation for a Multibusiness Company

Having developed Microsoft Dynamics solutions since 2008, ScienceSoft rolls out a customized CRM system for a multibusiness group of companies and integrated it with a data warehouse to centralize data from its separate business entities.


CRM Development for a Retail Bank with 7 mln Clients

Backed by a 7-year expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, ScienceSoft joined the project to help the Customer create a CRM system for a bank with 7 million clients. Our team developed three modules: customer base management, sales activities planning and advanced analytics.


Dynamics 365 CRM Development for a Healthcare Advisory Company

ScienceSoft used Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing and Customer Voice, Power Apps and numerous third-party systems to build a comprehensive CRM ecosystem.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization for a Large Media Company

ScienceSoft created a loyalty program module for a media company with 500,000+ corporate subscribers and 5 million readers. The system keeps record of all orders and payments, allowing readers to receive bonuses for purchasing products and services. Loyalty program managers can configure reward rules without programming, and subscribers can access the system to check their membership level.


CRM Migration Consulting for a Fintech Company

Based on the analysis of the Customer’s pains with the current CRM and comparison of 3 alternative CRM platforms, ScienceSoft offered to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and fully planned the migration process.


Dynamics 365 Customization for a Seller of Engineering Software

ScienceSoft created a CRM customized to sell sophisticated software products and enhanced with two narrowly specific functional modules.


Dynamics 365 Implementation: Sales, Customer Service and Customer Voice

Building on Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, ScienceSoft created an integrated environment for sales and customer service management for a logistics company.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation for a US Market Leader in Cancer Diagnostics

ScienceSoft customized MS Dynamics CRM for a US-based market leader in cancer diagnostics solutions to enable sales management and performance reporting.


Custom App Development for Salesforce-SharePoint Integration for a Telecom Company

ScienceSoft developed an app for Salesforce–SharePoint integration, which made SharePoint content available from Salesforce and allowed sharing the content with Salesforce contacts, thus supporting the Customer’s communication with clients and prospects.


Development of an Application for Salesforce-Website Integration

ScienceSoft has developed an app for the website integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, which assists sales teams in complex sales by adjusting their success stories to a unified format.