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ScienceSoft helps companies from 30+ industries design and develop reliable documentation software for streamlined document creation, scalable document storage, and robust security of business documentation. We build document systems with functionality closely bound to our customers’ needs and can introduce advanced features like AI-based document validation, multilingual support, and e-signing for higher document management efficiency.

Explore our hallmark projects and learn how successful businesses use document automation solutions by ScienceSoft for accurate, fast, and secure document processing.

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Underwriting Software Development for a Global Aviation Insurer

ScienceSoft developed a large-scale automated underwriting system for the global commercial insurance carrier. With the new powerful software, the Customer got improved underwriter productivity, minimized risk of fraud and non-compliance, and reduction in IT costs.


SharePoint Document Management System Development for a Manufacturing Company

ScienceSoft developed SharePoint DMS, which helped a manufacturing company streamline document approval due to custom workflows and was quickly adopted by the company’s employees due to diverse social features.


Implementation of a SharePoint Document Management System for a Chemical Manufacturer

A chemical manufacturing company commissioned ScienceSoft to implement a SharePoint Online document management system with the emphasis on its storage and search capabilities.


SharePoint Approval Workflow Development for a US Company of 6,000 Employees

ScienceSoft created the approval and the reminder workflows for a US consumer products company of 6,000 employees to help it streamline document management.


Development of a SharePoint Approval Workflow for a Law Firm

ScienceSoft specialists developed a custom approval workflow in SharePoint for an American law firm to streamline the firm’s pro forma management.


Development of StreamServe Invoice Management Software for Mobile Operator with 5 mln Clients

A case study of delivering a tailored StreamServe-based invoice management solution for the 5-million subscriber telecom provider.


StreamServe Enterprise Communication Software Development for 1,500+ Store Retail Company

Backed by a 7-year expertise in the StreamServe technology, ScienceSoft helped a 1,500+ store retailer consolidate document processing into a single solution that simplifies the company’s internal communication.


Accounting Product Evolution for a US Technology Company

ScienceSoft designed and developed an AI-powered invoice processing module that ensures reduction in time and efforts for invoice processing while improving its accuracy and performs stably even under heavy load.


Procore-SharePoint Connector Development for Synchronized Document Management

ScienceSoft created a connector for two-way document synchronization between Procore and SharePoint.


Development of a Software Product for Document Migration from nCino to Perceptive Content

ScienceSoft developed a tool for migration of the Customer’s loan documents from nCino to Perceptive Content.