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With 34 years in data analytics and data science, ScienceSoft helps companies mine their data in search of actionable insights and accurate predictions. To derive valuable information hidden in companies’ data, our data scientists employ both proven statistical methods and elaborate machine learning algorithms. Check our data science case studies to see how data sciences services can improve businesses regardless of the industry they represent.

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Complex Semantic Search Engine to Drive High R&D ROI

An innovative semantic analysis software to streamline research and development for large enterprises. The software enables intuitive search and navigation across 15 million patents, 3,000 scientific websites, and 8,000 scientific effect studies.


Image Analysis Software for Automated Optical Inspections

ML-based desktop software for the electronics industry enables automated optical inspection of printed circuit assemblies right on the conveyor belt, ensuring high speed, safety, accuracy, and efficiency of PCA quality control processes.


Real-Time LED Display Monitoring Software for the World’s LED Industry Leader

ScienceSoft developed a cross-platform application for Linux and Windows for real-time video monitoring, error detection and notification. With tha app, the Customer can instantly identify problems with showing advertisements on its LED displays.


Xamarin-based Image Recognition App Driving 10x Faster Customer Onboarding

ScienceSoft delivered a mobile app with computer vision features to speed up client onboarding for a luxury vehicle manufacturer with €50B+ annual revenue. The app captures data from customer documents and automatically registers them in the post-sales service system.


Image Recognition Solution Identifying Polyurethane Film Defects in Real Time

A desktop image recognition software for a leading petrochemical company. The solution improved quality control at a company's PU film manufacturing division, identifying film defects in real time.


Portfolio Management and Trading Automation Software Powered by Data Science

ScienceSoft developed a fully featured algorithmic trading solution with custom predictive and prescriptive analytics models at its core. The software provides data-driven guidance on security investments for NASDAQ and AMEX traders and automates trading execution.


Data Science Solution for Sales Analysis and Forecasting

ScienceSoft supported a leading FMCG manufacturer by delivering science-based sales forecasting and attainable sales targets.


Facial Recognition App to Enable Retail Service Personalization

A strategic solution based on image recognition technologies to help retailers tailor in-store customer experience, enhance marketing strategies, and detect potential criminals.


Image Recognition Solution to Reduce O&G Equipment Downtime and Lower Maintenance Costs

ScienceSoft empowered a leading oil drilling equipment manufacturer with an application for detecting drill bit defects and performing drill bit wear analysis. The solution is based on machine learning and visual recognition algorithms.


Lung Cancer Detection Application for bioAffinity Technologies

In 2 months, ScienceSoft provided a US-based biotechnology company with a desktop app for lung cancer detection. The app ensures 100% stable generation of comprehensive diagnostic reports based on analysis of flow cytometry data.