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Providing big data services since 2003, ScienceSoft has been helping companies across 30+ industries build and support data-rich systems and massive-scale analytics solutions. We also have a proven track record as a big data consulting company assisting our customers in making optimal choices for their IT initiatives. Below, we showcase how ScienceSoft applied its expertise to let our clients achieve tangible results, such as 10x faster processing speed and 99% software stability.

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Big Data Implementation for Advertising Channel Analysis in 10+ Countries

Migration to a new analytical system that ScienceSoft implemented helped one of the top market research companies secure an innovative big data solution based on Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, and Apache Spark frameworks. The new system was 100 times faster compared to the old one and could process 1,000 different data formats.


Development of a Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers

To support a long-term customer in a new service launch, ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution that allowed processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.


Implementation of a Data Analytics Platform for a Telecom Company

ScienceSoft’s big data consulting team developed a data analytics platform for a Texas-based telecom company. A technology stack with Apache Kafka and Amazon Redshift at the core enabled insightful regular and ad-hoc reporting, as well as forecasting.


Data Analytics Implementation for a Multibusiness Corporation

ScienceSoft delivered a centralized data analytics solution that allowed a multibusiness corporation to get a 360-degree customer view, optimize stock management, and assess the employees’ performance.


Big Data Consultancy and Team Augmentation for a Jewelry Company

ScienceSoft’s big data expert helped a large jewelry manufacturer and retailer speed up ETL migration to a new Incorta-based EDW. Acting as a consultant and developer, he helped the Customer’s in-house team improve their Python and Apache Spark skills and built 7 ETL pipelines to run enterprise-wide reports on inventory management, marketing campaigns, tendering, and more.


Apache NiFi Managed Support for a Biotechnology Corporation

With managed IT support for Apache NiFi that ScienceSoft delivered, the Customer benefited from the overall improvement of their big data ecosystem: big data processing became 10 times faster and the stability increased from 50% up to 99%.


Big Data Platform MVP Development for a Global Consulting Company

ScienceSoft delivered an MVP of collaboration software the Customer used to provide consultations on large-scale construction projects.


Big Data Consulting and Training for a Satellite Agency

Supporting a satellite agency in their shift to big data, ScienceSoft has assessed the architecture and the technology stack of their future solution, as well as prepared training materials and conducted workshops for their top management and technical team.


Big Data Consulting for a Leading Internet of Vehicles Company

ScienceSoft helped a leading Internet of Vehicles company enhance their big data analytics capabilities. The solution was designed to analyze the currently available IoT data from 600,000 vehicles connected to their systems and easily scale up to support data growth.


Hadoop Lab Deployment and Support

ScienceSoft deployed an on-premises Hadoop lab for one of the largest US colleges. Now, their students can get hands-on experience with HDFS, MapReduce, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, and other big data technologies.