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Digital transformation services help orgs leverage IT solutions to build up new technology-based business models.

With 32 years in IT, ScienceSoft helps orgs enhance business processes like workforce management, employee collaboration, and customer service with suitable IT solutions.


For all-round support with digital transformation planning and implementation, our IT consultants collaborate with your IT team and business managers. In close cooperation with your team, we work out new ideas with the focus on your specific business knowledge.



Analyzing situation


Spotting areas where return on DT will be maximal


Aligning business strategy and DT


Proof-of-Concept project


Series of projects, each delivers business benefits

Digital customer experience

Digital customer experience

We help businesses get real benefits focusing on the products and services their customers really need. Our digital consultants and engineering team will help to design and implement convenient IT solutions serving the purpose to meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations:

  • Customer mobile apps
  • Customer portals and websites
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Intelligent loyalty programs
  • Customer service

Also, we help you use the potential of big data to collect customer data and feedback across multiple channels and turn it into meaningful insights and data-driven decisions, find the ways to modify your customer strategy and offer new cooperation models.

Just a couple of points how big data helps enhance customer experience and contributes to customer loyalty:

  • Deep personalization based on 360 degree view of a customer.
  • Segmentation and product /service design based on segment needs.
  • Digital customer experience consistent in all channels and touch points.

Connected products

Connected products

We deliver the solutions that change the nature of things and increase their functionality and reliability. With the Internet of Things and big data, users get opportunities to monitor their connected things (be it industrial equipment, vehicles, wearable devices and more), give commands remotely and get alerts and notifications if something goes wrong:

  • Digitalization of maintenance operations: with the big data from connected things, it’s possible to assess their performance and predict breakdowns.
  • Optimization of device productivity: big data helps check device productivity and find out which components of smart, connected products need further research and investments.
  • Improving smart, connected products: sensor data helps find out most frequently used and underused features and spot which features can be removed or replaced with better equivalents.
  • Uncovering new and more profitable revenue models: gathering the big data about how customers are using products and services to offer more effective cooperation options (for example, use-based pricing).

Digital HR

Digital HR

We make digital solutions an efficient enabler for reinventing talent management at every stage of the employee lifecycle and promoting corporate employment brand:

  • Technology-driven hiring
  • IT solutions for smooth onboarding
  • Continuous-learning solutions based on mobile technology, augmented reality and chatbots.
  • Digital tools for quick and effective staff assessment
  • Advanced HR analytics

Applying big data in HR processes, enterprises significantly reduce the volume of guesswork and make well-informed decisions regarding hiring, training and promoting employees.

Digital workplace and collaboration

Digital workplace and digital collaboration

We find best ways to upgrade a traditional workplace and transform employee experience with the IT solutions that improve employee wellness, help control work-life balance and drive performance.

With Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency, we apply our 14-year expertise in SharePoint consulting to deliver a full range of SharePoint solutions including intranets, web portals, web content management systems, solutions for document management, knowledge and innovation management, project management and more.

Information security

DT raises information security threats

Alongside with business benefits, digital transformation brings security challenges.

We deliver full-scale consulting services in information security and help our customers proactively identify security gaps. Our security experts specialize in:

  • IT security strategy consulting and implementation
  • Penetration testing
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Identity and access management (IAM)

With 18 years of experience in information security, we successfully address security concerns of small and big businesses.

Interdepartmental cooperation

DT may fail if interdepartmental cooperation is not sufficient

To be effective, digital transformation should be accepted not only by the company’s top management every employee needs to feel it and stand for it. We can prepare your company for efficient digital transformation with the software products for improving internal collaboration, integrate scattered corporate applications and turn them into a convenient toolbox featuring user-friendly solutions synchronized with each other to bridge collaboration gaps between your company’s departments. To nail down the success, we also help with the solutions for enterprise-wide data analytics that provides consistent view of customers, vendors and processes.

Risk management

Technology innovations increase technology-related risks

It’s tempting to try new technologies and reap the benefits they can bring, but a new technology component always poses a certain degree of risk. We provide risk management that helps save time and costs and avoid pitfalls. Also, we can assist with selecting cutting-edge but already proven tools for risk management. 

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