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Remote Work Consulting and Enablement

Remote work consulting helps companies transit their teams to a work-from-home mode. Tasked to enable remote work within an organization, ScienceSoft makes sure to preserve business continuity and empower remote employees to work productively and securely.

Remote Work Consulting
Remote Work Consulting

Why Choose ScienceSoft to Enable Your Telework Transition

  • 35 years of stable business in IT consulting and software development.
  • Microsoft partner since 2008, AWS Select Tier Partner, Oracle Partner and Premier ServiceNow Partner.
  • Hands-on experience of effective remote work within the company and in the customers' environments:
    • Over 80% of our projects are implemented remotely or with minimal onsite presence.
    • 20+ ScienceSoft’s teams are working in remote environments of the customers.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

ScienceSoft’s Approach to Remote Work Consulting and Enablement

We ensure that our telework-related services are:


We can complement remote work consulting with end-to-end IT services, including cloud migration, integrations, support, managed services, and security services.


We put customers’ interests and goals first and help companies switch to remote operating at minimum costs. We offer free collaboration software where applicable and leverage the out-of-the-box capabilities of tools.


We cooperate with a customer to define a clear set of target KPIs like a number of support requests and security issues, a level of employee satisfaction, and more for each stage of our services for their evaluation.

Success Story by ScienceSoft  

Transition to Remote Work for an IT Company

Transition to Remote Work for an IT Company

  • Telework transition of the majority of the employees within 2 days
  • Document lifecycle automation
  • Full visibility into remote employees’ working activities

Choose a Suitable Service Option

ScienceSoft offers end-to-end IT services to ensure your company’s faultless and prompt transition to telework, help you maintain business continuity at minimum costs and enable effective managing remote employees. Our experts analyze your business processes, adapt them to teleworking, establish a safe virtual workplace, perform its security assessment, and help effectively track employee productivity.

Remote work consulting

  • Analyzing business processes and evaluating operational risks.
  • Advising on workflow automation, cloud migration and suitable tools.
  • Advising on security policies optimization.
  • Designing a transition strategy.
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Transition to remote work

  • Creating secure digital workplaces.
  • Implementing, configuring and customizing powerful collaboration and productivity tools.
  • Training remote employees on using new tools.
  • Vulnerability assessment and IT support of the remote environment.
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Remote productivity consulting and assessment

  • Evaluating the efficiency of employee productivity tracking.
  • Suggesting robust monitoring tools and advising on their implementation.
  • Implementing advanced analytics and reporting for full visibility into employee productivity.
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Our Services’ Timeframes


<1,000-employee org

>1,000-employee org

Analysis of current business processes

Remote employee productivity consulting and assessment

Vulnerability assessment

Remote work enablement

Why It’s High Time for Telework-Related Services

If you apply for consulting on remote work enablement, moving your organization to telework or evaluating the productivity of your remote workers, ScienceSoft will help you maintain your business operating at the pre-transition level and get further benefits, such as:

  • 98%

    recovery of business processes

  • 20%

    higher employee productivity

  • 10–40%

    increased digitization of processes

  • 30–40%

    higher security

  • 100%

    regulatory compliance

  • 85–99%

    employee satisfaction

Don’t Miss These Benefits!

Reach out to our consultants right NOW, and they will guide you through planning and enablement of the transition of your organization to remote work.