Development of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Software

Development of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Software

Information Technology, Manufacturing
Golang, Blockchain


The Customer is a US-based software product company focused on developing innovative software solutions.


The Customer planned to enter the rising market of blockchain-based supply chain solutions with an MVP product but lacked blockchain-related expertise. They were looking for a vendor experienced in blockchain technologies who would have a deep understanding of the supply chain specifics in the manufacturing industry they targeted.


ScienceSoft implemented a private blockchain system to allow manufacturers, distributors, and stores to trace goods and verify their authenticity at each stage of the supply chain. The team used the Hyperledger Fabric framework as the base of the blockchain system to benefit from its modular architecture and security required for private systems, where confidential information is shared.

The blockchain system comprised 3 core parts:

  • Distributed ledger that maintains a complete and immutable history of all transactions verified by blockchain members.
  • Consensus algorithm that verifies that each new block of data added to the network is agreed upon by all peer nodes.
  • Smart contract (Golang-based) that self-executes through the blockchain network if the conditions of the contract are met, and the transaction was validated.

The system works as follows: each member of the network has peer nodes set up and configured with cryptographic materials to authenticate them in the network. Peer nodes host a copy of the ledger for access and execute smart contracts, and help propose or approve transaction requests. To simplify the installation of smart contracts on the peer nodes, ScienceSoft’s team created Docker images with smart contract code.

Finally, the team developed web applications for different user groups (manufacturers, distributors, and stores) that can communicate with the blockchain network to output blockchain transaction data and enable easy traceability of produced goods.


ScienceSoft developed MVP of the blockchain-based supply chain software in 3 months, which allowed the Customer to quickly broaden their product portfolio with a highly demanded solution. The developed blockchain system helps the Customer’s clients secure their supply chains from counterfeit goods and guarantee safety of transaction data.

Technologies and Tools

Hyperledger Fabric, Kubernetes, Docker, Golang, REST API.

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