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Virtual CIO Services

vCIO - ScienceSoft

A virtual CIO (vCIO) service implies a vendor taking on the role of a chief information officer to build your IT strategy and manage IT services delivery by your in-house employees or a contractor. Backed up by 34-year experience in IT, ScienceSoft offers vCIO services to support your business growth through efficient IT processes.

Your IT Doesn’t Keep Pace with Your Business Growth?

As a virtual CIO, ScienceSoft helps align your IT with business processes and facilitate technology changes that bring business value.

Why ScienceSoft

  • Since 2002 in IT consulting, IT outsourcing, and managed IT services.
  • 3,600+ successful projects – more than 80% of them are carried out remotely or with minimal onsite presence.
  • 750+ employees on board.
  • Since 2008 in ITSM based on ITIL principles.
  • Since 2012 in cloud services.
  • 62% of our revenue from the customers we serve for more than 2 years, such as eBay, IBM, Baxter, NASA JPL, Nielsen, and more.

Benefits You Get From vCIO Services by ScienceSoft

10–20x more expertise than a single IT manager can offer

We provide access to diverse resources and competences within a virtual CIO service, including competences in advanced technologies (IoT, AI, computer vision, etc.) that can boost your business performance.

Your business results are in focus

To ensure our service brings continuous improvement to your company, we set 2 types of target KPIs together with you:

  • Business KPIs (e.g., revenue growth from digital channels, customer churn reduction).
  • IT KPIs (e.g., operating costs, services availability, user satisfaction).

End-to-end IT management

Our vCIO service includes two core areas that you can combine or request separately: IT transformation and IT optimization.

Meet Our Experts

Our vCIO team consists of experts in relevant areas to answer the specific needs of each customer. Here are some of our leading experts:

Andy Lipnitski, IT Director

Andy Lipnitski, IT Director

Experience in IT since 2005. Directs the delivery of IT infrastructure services, cloud services, DevOps consulting and CI/CD pipeline design and implementation. Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Solution Expert.

Andrey Plisko, Software Development Process Manager

Andrey Plisko, Software Development Process Manager

Experience in IT since 1998. Deep background in building and optimizing enterprise-level software engineering processes.

Pavel Ilyusenko, Head of Project Management Office

Pavel Ilyusenko, Head of Project Management Office

Experience in IT since 2001. Created and fine-tuned ScienceSoft’s project management practices. Successfully completed several high-value project pipelines and numerous enterprise projects.

Alex Bekker, Head Of Data Analytics Department

Alex Bekker, Head Of Data Analytics Department

Experience in IT since 1996. Started BI practice at ScienceSoft and extended the company’s service portfolio with big data, machine and deep learning. Participated in big data implementation for advertising channel analysis in 10+ countries.

Vladimir Sinkevich, Head of Java Development

Vladimir Sinkevich, Head of Java Development

Experience in IT since 2005. Supervised the development in large-scale and strategically important projects, including a nation-wide eHealth portal.

Vadim Belski, Head of Web Development

Vadim Belski, Head of Web Development

Experience in IT since 2007. As a web architect, contributed to dozens of projects with a focus on large-scale portal development. Provided technical leadership for the development of Viber – a messaging app that gained popularity across the world.

Dmitry Kurskov, Head of Information Security

Dmitry Kurskov, Head of Information Security

Experience in IT since 1994. IBM Certified Deployment Professional.

Choose Your Service Option

vCIO for IT transformation

ScienceSoft develops an IT strategy that supports business initiatives and oversees its implementation.

Transform IT

vCIO for IT optimization

ScienceSoft manages IT functions to ensure their operational efficiency.

Optimize IT

vCIO for IT transformation and optimization

ScienceSoft takes responsibility for both strategic IT planning and effective management of IT service delivery.

Transform and optimize IT

Gain More Value from IT with vCIO

Today, business growth depends on the ability to bring fast technological transformation. That’s what ScienceSoft helps you do within virtual CIO services. Have a look at business-level and IT-level gains you can expect:

Business-level gains:

  • +10–200%

    revenue from new IT-based business initiatives

  • +5–10%

    Revenue per employee (RPE)

  • +15–30%

    sales via marketing and sales automation

  • +20–40%

    time to market

IT-level gains:

  • 1.5–2.5x

    IT cost reduction

  • 1.5–3x

    increase in development speed

  • 100%

    regulatory compliance of the IT infrastructure

  • Up to 99.99%

    applications availability

Reshape IT into a Business Growth Enabler

Request virtual CIO services to increase your company’s competitiveness with the help of IT.