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Be it an ERP, CRM, or HR management solution, a mobile or a web application, we provide IT help desk services to companies that need to outsource user and solution support. ScienceSoft can help you with software products you offer to your customers and with corporate applications and systems that your employees use. 

We offer assistance with software issues from password resetting to complex issue investigation on the code level. With IT help desk outsourcing, you don’t need to hire and train support personnel and still can remain sure that your software and its users are taken care of.

For product companies and enterprises

Don’t exhaust yourself with the painful issues your product or solution may bring.

For MSPs

Entrust your help desk tasks to a reliable provider with 30 years of experience in IT.

What Makes Our IT Help Desk Services Reliable

Thorough IT background

With the profound experience in software development, IT consulting, QA, IT infrastructure services and more, we go far beyond just following the instructions on how to address software issues. We understand software from the inside and apply this knowledge to design help desk processes and address software issues efficiently.

Value for different skill levels

We adjust our support services to every user category, from novices to experts. We solve minor issues reported by new users and offer trainings and webinars that help to quickly adopt new software. For experienced users, we provide the investigation and quick resolution of non-trivial issues.

To encourage further self-support, we create a knowledge base with the content tailored for every user group: from beginner guides to articles on how to solve complex issues.

Wide experience of collaboration in IT projects

We participated in numerous short- and long-term projects with both IT and non-IT companies, and we know how to establish effective collaboration within a team. We ensure successful cooperation of our help desk specialists with software developers, network and application administrators, QA team members and other professionals, both in-house or external, to guarantee that each issue is investigated and handled by the relevant specialist.

IT Help Desk Support Levels We Offer

To quickly assign a service ticket to a specialist with the right set of expertise, we offer segmenting the support team into different levels according to the complexity of issues they are expected to handle.

L1 support

Our help desk specialists answer questions about software usage, provide instructions to solve usage issues and minor problems, such as restoring access when users forget their passwords, and create user guides, FAQs, and support articles.

L2 support

We help to resolve the issues of software configuration, software and hardware interoperability, perform log investigation to identify root causes of problems (e.g., server overload) and fix them if enhancements at the code level are not needed. We are also ready to offer combined L1/L2 support to speed up ticket processing.

L3 support

As an option, we offer L3 support. It includes tackling complex issues on the code level. We involve software engineers who can assist with fixing defects uncovered by L1 and L2 agents.

How We Arrange Our IT Help Desk Services


Analysis of your request


Service planning and SLA preparation


Knowledge and responsibility transfer


Service delivery

KPIs to Measure IT Help Desk Efficiency

ScienceSoft offers a possible set of KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the provided support services.

Main KPIs:
  • First response time (FRT) measures the period between when a customer submits a ticket and a customer support agent provides an initial response.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is usually based on short surveys that users fill out, typically after a conversation with a help desk specialist or when a ticket is resolved.
  • Resolution Rate (RR) shows the percentage of issues resolved by support agents from the number of total tickets received.
Examples of optional KPIs:
  • Average time to resolution tracks how long customers have to wait for service agents to resolve their tickets.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a loyalty metric used to measure the readiness of the customer to refer the IT help desk to someone else within their networks. To evaluate it, a customer can be asked how likely they are to recommend the IT help desk on a scale of 1 to 10.

The final set of KPIs is agreed with each customer.

Want to Check Our Quality?
We are ready to demonstrate how we process requests and any other documentation that will let you evaluate our level of service.

Value Our IT Help Desk Services Bring

Having cooperated with a wide range of customers, we know how to bring value to every business by:

  • Improving solution adoption: your product end users are provided with prompt and comprehensive answers to their questions on software usage, which helps them to uncover and realize the full potential of the solution.
  • Increasing end user satisfaction levels: software issues that your clients or employees face are solved as quickly as possible, which makes your clients and employees more loyal to your software products and company.
  • Eliminating staff issues: since you don’t have to hire, onboard and train help desk specialists in your internal team, you avoid unwanted investments and commitments to save time and money for the more relevant business needs.

How much does it cost?

A price depends on the support level, time coverage and the expected number of requests per month. Our team is ready to provide an estimate upon your request.

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