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Help Desk Outsourcing Services

Equip Your Org with Effective Support

ScienceSoft will take care of user, software, and IT infrastructure support letting you get the maximum value from your digital environment and shift your focus to strategic goals.

Outsourced Help Desk Services - ScienceSoft
Outsourced Help Desk Services - ScienceSoft

Help desk outsourcing is your possibility to have a knowledgeable support team for your business-critical systems and underlying infrastructure. An outsourcing vendor sets up a fast issue resolution process, charges for the actual workload, and scales the support easily up and down if the demand changes.

In help desk services since 2007, ScienceSoft provides mature and effective L1–L3 support on a 24/7 basis to cover all time zones from North America and Europe to Australia and New Zealand.

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For product companies and enterprises

Don’t exhaust yourself with the painful issues your software or IT infrastructure may bring.

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Entrust your help desk tasks to a reliable provider with 34 years of experience in IT.

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Why Choose ScienceSoft

  • 17 years of experience in IT help desk services.
  • 35 years of entire experience in IT.
  • 750+ IT specialists on board.
  • Included in the 2022 IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 list as one of the world’s best outsourcing service providers and advisors.
  • Predictable results and expected service quality due to our ISO 9001-proved quality management system built upon mature company-level policies, motivated people, and transparent service delivery.
  • ISO 27001-certified fault-proof security management system to ensure safety of your data we access.

IT Help Desk Support Levels We Offer

To get the most of outsourced IT support, we offer segmenting the support team into different levels according to the complexity of issues they are expected to handle.

Our help desk specialists handle basic user issues, such as restoring access when users forget their passwords setting up peripheral devices, granting or removing access to data or services according to the company's policy, etc. If required, they escalate incidents to L2 for further consideration.

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Our L2 engineers resolve complex user-related requests and issues (e.g., user-side applications' configuration and advanced troubleshooting) and handle essential infrastructure tasks and issues like server updates and backup management.

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Our L3 engineers tackle complex infrastructure and app-related issues, including troubleshooting on the code level, server virtualization, database design and configuration, defining backup schedules, retention policies, disaster recovery plans, and more.

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Help Desk Manager at ScienceSoft

We don’t take the distribution of tasks between the support levels set in stone. We always look for the opportunities to optimize the cost of help desk outsourcing and ensure fast response and resolution rates for our clients. E.g., we can offload a more expertise-demanding L2 team and delegate some of their tasks to L1 support agents. This happens if we see a frequent L2 issue that our L1 team can handle given they have resolution scenarios and clear sets of instructions.

Our Featured Help Desk Projects

What Our Customers Say

To alleviate some of the burden on our inhouse engineers, we sought out a professional team of Tier 1 support staff with a technical background. We partnered with ScienceSoft, and it turned out to be an excellent match. Within just two weeks, their support agents seamlessly integrated into our processes and became an invaluable asset to our team. Thanks to their assistance, we can now process any Tier 1 issue within 15 minutes.

ScienceSoft has proven to be a great partner and a much-needed addition to our IT support team. They got on board with our processes in no time and maintained consistently high user satisfaction ever since. After two years, we know for sure they’re reliable and committed specialists. They stick to SLAs, provide competent support, and make sure incidents are resolved or escalated as soon as possible.

We hired ScienceSoft to provide support for our client during non-business hours and didn't regret the decision. ScienceSoft has been a valuable asset for our in-house IT team. Their agents have demonstrated a remarkable ability to handle tasks swiftly and always maintain excellent availability and responsiveness.

Our IT Help Desk Communication Channels

User self-service portal

Service desk software



Instant messaging

Social networks

Languages Our Help Desk Teams Speak

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Turkish
  • and more

ScienceSoft's help desk teams - languages we speak

What Makes Our Outsourced IT Help Desk Services Reliable

Thorough IT background

With profound experience in software development, QA, IT infrastructure services, and more, we establish and run proactive and prompt IT infrastructure and software support.

Effective collaboration

Based on dozens of successful help desk projects we’ve had, we know how to establish collaboration between help desk specialists and developers, admins, the QA team, and other in-house and external professionals.


We adjust to our customers’ diverse and changing requirements for the size and skills of a help desk team, time coverage, pricing models, and communication channels.

Focus on quality

We offer mature help desk outsourcing services and continuously improve their quality by knowledge accumulation and transfer, investing in relevant training of help desk agents, making process changes to enhance help desk KPIs, and more.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Tools We Use in Our Outsourced Help Desk Services

How We Arrange Our IT Help Desk Services

1. Analysis of your request

We analyze your request for outsourced support services, identify user roles and their access levels and estimate the number and urgency of incoming requests. This will help us size up the efforts required for your project.

2. Service planning and SLA preparation

We discuss with you the details of our cooperation and prepare the service level agreement (SLA) accordingly. Depending on a particular case, this document normally includes:

  • The description of the support service package and the estimated budget.
  • Support hours (for example, 24/7 or 12/5 servicing) and languages of communication.
  • The support team’s size and expertise, levels of support provided, contact channels and the type of the ticketing system used.
  • Definitions of incident priorities.
  • Incident response time depending on its priority.
  • A reporting schedule and the data that reports should contain.

To ensure that the chosen scope of our services corresponds to your business needs and expectations, we offer a three-month trial period and can introduce the changes to SLA, if needed.

3. Knowledge and responsibility transfer

We study software documentation, conduct interviews with your company representatives and analyze software functionality. This helps us to understand how software is designed and how it is expected to behave. Then, we prepare the needed documentation and instructions for our team.

When knowledge transfer is completed, we set up a support handover meeting to transfer responsibility from your development or another support team to our help desk specialists.

4. Service delivery

  • Processing requests according to SLA: we receive, assess, prioritize, and handle incidents. We regularly update users about the status of their current tickets to keep them informed. Besides incidents, we solve problems that cause multiple similar incidents to occur. This allows for preventing software failures.
  • Analyzing results and delivering monthly reports: we provide you with the reports containing the statistics on incidents in the agreed format.
  • Gathering user feedback: we collect users’ feedback about software, gather change requests and thus supply get the info that prompts at how to modify software according to user needs.
  • Creating the knowledge base: on the basis of the encountered and solved cases, our team prepares FAQs, articles and other materials that can help software users to solve similar incidents. This significantly decreases the number of incoming tickets and reduces incident resolution time.
  • Conducting proactive support: monitoring your software and detecting abnormalities in its performance, we identify potential issues and address them even before service tickets come.
  • Offering process improvements: using KPIs, we analyze the performance of our help desk team and define possible improvements in help desk operations. After prioritizing these ideas based on potential business results, we discuss them with you and implement the approved improvement ideas.

KPIs to Measure IT Help Desk Efficiency

ScienceSoft offers a possible set of KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the provided support services.

Main KPIs

  • First response time (FRT) measures the period between when a customer submits a ticket and a customer support agent provides an initial response.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is usually based on short surveys that users fill out.
  • Resolution Rate (RR) shows the percentage of issues resolved by support agents from the number of total tickets received.

Examples of optional KPIs

  • Average time to resolution tracks how long customers have to wait for service agents to resolve their tickets.
  • Abandonment rate for calls measures percentage of non-answered calls within the specified timing.
  • Critical management requires to ensure that a critical case will be escalated to an appropriate person/department.

The final set of KPIs is agreed with each customer.

Value Our IT Help Desk Services Bring

Having cooperated with a wide range of customers, we know how to bring value to every business by:

Improving solution adoption: your product end users are provided with prompt and comprehensive answers to their questions on software usage, which helps them to uncover and realize the full potential of the solution.

Increasing end user satisfaction levels: software issues that your clients or employees face are solved as quickly as possible, which makes your clients and employees more loyal to your software products and company.

Eliminating staff issues: since you don’t have to hire, onboard, and train help desk specialists in your internal team, you avoid unwanted investments and commitments to save time and money for more relevant business needs.

Service desk outsourcing: we can do more than just setting up an efficient incident management process. We know how to provide high-quality services to end users and handle user communication, e.g., announcing planned changes to IT infrastructure components.

What You Get when Outsourcing IT Help Desk to Us

  • Regular service level reports.
  • Incident reports with root cause analysis.
  • Knowledge base articles on various types of typical help desk requests.
  • User guides and FAQs.
  • Help desk assessments based on user surveys.

Cost Factors of Help Desk Outsourcing

The price of outsourced help desk services depends on various factors, such as:

  • Pricing model (per ticket, bucket of hours).
  • Number of tickets.
  • Help desk levels (L1, L1/L2, L3).
  • SLA terms (e.g., response time, first contact resolution).
  • Time coverage (e.g., 8/5, 12/5, 24/5, 24/7).
  • Help desk team’s size and competencies.
  • The team member’s actual workload, e.g., 5 FTE (168h*5), 1 FTE (168h), 0.25 FTE (40h).

Let Us Calculate a Help Desk Price for Your Case

Please answer a few simple questions about your help desk needs. This will help our team estimate the cost for your unique case much quicker.


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Our team is on it!

Help Desk Manager at ScienceSoft

Our team always strives to optimize clients' help desk expenses. One way to do it is to spot potential problems before they cause an upsurge in tickets. For example, our engineers use tools for automated infrastructure performance monitoring. Once we see that memory and CPU usage are at their maximum, we immediately rightsize infrastructure resources to ensure users don't experience any performance interruptions.