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ScienceSoft Is a Pimcore Partner

Partnership with Pimcore - ScienceSoft


Pimcore silver partner

What We Do

  • Develop and implement turnkey Pimcore web portal solutions
  • Integrate a Magento-based web store with Pimcore, making efficient synergy of ecommerce and great content management possible
  • Complement the solutions with Pimcore-backended mobile apps
  • Ensure safe migration to Pimcore
  • Provide further maintenance and support

Our Plans for the Future

Due to its powerful information models with documents and objects that allow creating relevant and distinctive websites, we consider Pimcore one of the market-leading platforms and have an incentive to build a solid base for future cooperation, expanding our partnership status and providing best collaborative solutions for our clients. 

Our Business Philosophy 

A team of makers and innovators

We believe that the true magic happens when high-quality tools and creativity come together. Our reliable team of 7 highly qualified Pimcore professionals combines proven tools and techniques with a unique approach to create innovative solutions and allow you to get as much as possible.

With experience and passion

We develop websites and web portals for over 23 years with infatuation and at full capacity.

With a focus on our clients

We listen to and hear our clients, we handle their expectations and needs with special care, with an eye for detail and develop websites and web portals that truly address all the important requirements.

With a 360-degree view

We are ready to guide you through the whole process of project development (Discovery & Analysis, Development & Testing, and Maintenance & Support), create smooth UX and perfect web design.

With simplicity and transparency

We believe that the best solution is the simplest, the clearest and the most realistic.

With the love to learn

We do not content ourselves with the achievements to date. We constantly grow our capabilities, we never stop working on improvement and never miss an opportunity to benefit from new tools and approaches. Thus we always eagerly apply to the latest version updates, new approaches and follow the latest trends.

With the love for success of our customers

We are motivated to build solutions of long-lasting value and want our solutions to be actionable, enduring and beneficial. We want our websites to have ever-growing number of new visitors, ever-increasing visitor engagement and gain higher visitor loyalty and better conversions.

We're Always There

Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, ScienceSoft with its professional team of 700 internationally located software developers manages to provide excellent service to the clients both in the US and all around the world.  

Our experienced approach is informed by 33 years of work with hundreds of projects in the domains mentioned. The earned expertise in these industries allows us to identify exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re ready to help. Contact our Pimcore experts and see what we can offer. 

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