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Cloud Solution to Extract and Store Medical Images

Cloud Solution to Extract and Store Medical Images

Healthcare, Software products
Mobile, iOS, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Java, MS SQL Server, Cloud


The customer is a US company that provides hospitals and assisted living organizations with topnotch software to extract, process and analyze a wide range of clinical data, including patient and medication information.


The Customer needed a savvy team of healthcare app developers to create a powerful cloud scanning solution that would extract an image scanned on the local scanner device in a medical facility and store it for further processing.


ScienceSoft's team of 4 experts designed and developed a web application as well as a native iOS app to offer an effective tool with an easy filter and navigation system for over 120 healthcare organizations. The team consisted of iOS and Java developers, a QA specialist and a Business Analyst.

So, how does it work?

After the employee scans the patient form or any other image, the script gathers the scan and puts into the Unassigned Documents folder. Then, the document can be assigned to a particular patient of a certain facility, or to a company (in case it is administrative data).

Employees also have access to the Recent Documents folder, where all the recently processed images can be found. The files assigned to a patient are transferred into the Residents folder, where the employee is able to access all the files related to a distinct person. The documents referred to a particular healthcare organization are placed in the Company Files folder.

cloud storage for healthcare mid

The cloud storage supports the most commonly used graphic and text file formats, including .gif, .jpeg, .pdf, .png. .doc, .rtf and others. If the system doesn’t support a certain file format, it offers the user to download the document.


The Customer received a cloud scanning solution, backed by an iOS app, to gather and manage scanned images. More than 120 health organizations now use it to ease their internal workflow and provide a better care to their patients.

Technologies and Tools

OS X 10.7, Objective-C, UIkit, AFNetworking, Crashlytics, Fabric, MagicalRecord, CocoaPods, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Java, Java Spring, Hibernate ORM, MS SQL Server, RESTful API

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